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Bogus COVID-19 Scheme Shut Down Entry Visas for Haitians

The government has placed a moratorium on the issuing of visas to Haitian nationals as the authorities have uncovered a fraudulent COVID-19 Positive PCR Test scheme.

It is not immediately clear whether the plot is rooted in Haiti or the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The decision to halt the issuing of entry visas to Haitian nationals was taken in the last cabinet meeting, held on Wednesday, July 21. The moratorium will run until the end of October.

“Noted a paper on the increase in fraudulent PCR tests results from Haiti and agreed on a moratorium on the issuance of entry visas for persons traveling from Haiti until 31 October 2021,” an extract from the cabinet news release said.

Minister of Immigration Minister, Hon. Arlington “Chuck” Musgrove did not offer much background details as to how widespread they found the scheme to be but promised NewslineTCI that he would get back to us with such information.

Well-placed sources, however, have revealed that the legal operation has been a troubling one, since it has the ability to not only up the COVID rate, but introduce the different variants to these shores.

The two most infectious variants are Gamma and Delta. At the last government news conference, held about two weeks ago, Minister of Health Hon. E. Jay Saunders said there has been no signs of either variants in the country at that moment.

However, there is concern that the production of the fraudulent negative COVID-19 health certificates, puts the country on shaky ground.

Haitians are not the only nationality tendering fake COVID-19 document to enter the Turks and Caicos Islands, as on Tuesday, July 6th, 2021, the local high court imposed hefty fines on four Bahamians, who presented the false health documents.

They are Terrence Winder, his wife Malester Winder, Akia Rigby-White and Cindy Rolle.

High Court Judge, Tanya Lobban Jackson, fined Terrence Winder $4, 700 or 10 months in prison, his wife $3, 300 or 8 months, Rigby-White $4, 700 or 10 months and Rolle $3, 300 or 8 months for having the fake test results.

In addition, the Bahamian government has made multiple arrests and prosecutions of persons presenting the spurious documents to either gain entry or leave the country.

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