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Dexta's fans disappointed

Dexta Daps's fans in The Bahamas were met with disappointing news on Tuesday after the island's health ministry denied approval of his Reggae Valentine's Concert slated for today.

Dexta Daps

In an official statement from the event's promoter Clayvon Duncombe of Phluid Factory, he noted that ticket holders are liable for full reimbursement.

“A Reggae Valentine's concert featuring Dexta Daps that was scheduled for this weekend in Nassau and Freeport has been denied approval from MOH [Ministry of Health]. It's with great regret that we inform the public that the concert will not be held. All ticket holders will receive a full refund,” he announced via Instagram.

In the Press Briefing Room at the Office of the Prime Minister in the northern Caribbean island on Tuesday, Minister of Health Dr Michael Darville told reporters that the application from the organisers have been denied twice, and if a third was submitted, it was “very unlikely” it would be successful.

“We're in the middle of a pandemic,” the minister said.

“Our hospitals are still under tremendous strain and it is imperative for us to get our schools open fully.

“The only source of control that we can execute at the ministry is large gatherings.

“The science is clear that large gatherings…are high risk for community spread, and so we must protect the country…”

Attempts to get a comment from Duncombe were unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, scores of Dexta's fans have expressed disappointment at the cancellation of the show.

“This is exactly why I didn't get no early birds tickets smh [shake my head]; I wanted to go tho,” tweeted one fan.

“Omicron is a weaker variant; parties still happening jam packed…I don't see the issue,” said another unimpressed fan.

One more added, “All this back and forth draining man.”

As of yesterday, The Bahamas recorded 32,833 cases of the novel coronavirus.



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