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Environment Health Department Warns Of Mosquito Increase

The Environmental Health Department stated that as a result of the recent rainfall throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands, residents, home owners, apartment owners and businesses should ensure to remove all debris & refuse/garbage from their premises and dispose appropriately at the public landfill/solid waste disposal sites on your respective island.

According to that department, the removal of debris & refuse/garbage from premises would reduce mosquito breeding and prevent mosquito borne and other vector borne diseases such as Dengue Fever.

“As the Vector Control Unit of the Environmental Health Department continues to monitor and treat mosquito breeding sites, home owners, apartment owners and business owners are advised to treat standing water on their premises by using cooking oil or any other environmentally friendly oils to prevent mosquito breeding,” The Environment Health Department said in a statement.

It further stated that it is anticipated that mosquito populations and activities will increase over the coming weeks and it is important to remind residents that mosquito control is a shared responsibility.

Residents and businesses, the Environmental Health Department, advises, can help reduce the growth and reproduction of mosquitoes in and around their homes, businesses and communities by taking the following precautionary measures:

· Check around buildings for anything that could hold water, inspect your home and yard weekly

· Turn containers over or cover them

· Get rid of or cover old tires

·Properly dispose of all garbage/refuse

· Cover boats, children’s pools, etc.

· Clean rain gutters and make sure they are flowing properly

·Check screens for holes

·Tightly cover water drums and rain barrels.

For further information, contact the Environmental Health Department via telephone numbers 649-338-2143/44

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