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Flow To Improve Broadband on Grand Turk

Work to upgrade a fourth tower intended to replace the existing tower at Queen Street, Grand Turk site has begun, telecommunications provider Flow said.

Flow TCI Fleet & Facilities Manager, Ronald Gardiner

In a news release, Flow said the new tower is part of an ongoing phased upgrade to the company’s existing network and on completion will deliver a superior mobile & broadband experience for customers in the nation’s Capital.

Flow TCI Country Manager, Joanne Missick stated: “Our microwave tower upgrade project has made steady progress since the completion of the first tower in April 2021. Our tower projects in the sister islands of South Caicos and Middle Caicos are also well underway.

“As we begin installing this fourth tower we are excited to be able to fulfil our promise of a better broadband and mobile experience for our customers in Grand Turk. We know that these upgrades have at times periodically interrupted or degraded our service levels and we thank customers for their continued patience and support.”

Flow TCI Fleet & Facilities Manager, Ronald Gardiner stated: “For the safety of our customers, during the build out our new towers, there will be notices displayed at the property’s entry and exit points to guide customers on accessing our Flow store safely for in-person assistance.

“Additionally, motorists in the area should pay close attention, as a ‘speed bump’ has been in installed on Pond Street to slow vehicular traffic and increase safety for pedestrians and project workers.

“We apologize for the temporary inconvenience this may cause but it is more important to ensure the safety of our customers and the public.”



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