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‘Garden Boy’ Assumes Commissioner of Police Reins

Kendall Grant to act as Commissioner of Police for two months

Kendall (Kenny) Grant for the next two months will act as commissioner of police for the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force, in the absence of Commissioner Trevor Botting.

Acting Commissioner of Police Kendall Grant

He is honoured to act in such an awesome capacity and is cognizant of the reality that climbing the ranks comes with the territory, but for him, service is the hallmark of his tenure.

For some though it is an amazement, not because of his qualification - because he has been so far, the only member of the force to study at the FBI academy in the U.S. and topped his graduating class – but because of where he is from.

Commissioner Grant, who is also an ordained minister of religion, was born and grew up in the Garden on Grand Turk – a community that people have often written off, mostly because of some of the characters that emanated from that community.

“It is truly a humbling experience for me. I grew up in an area where people always look down on, and were of the impression that nothing good could come from the area, which is sad, and that’s the Garden area of Grand Turk,” he told NewslineTCI.

“And so, I made a commitment that I want to make a difference, to show persons that, yes, something good can come from that area. And as grew and progressed through the years, coming out of high school, it was always a dream of mine to become a police officer.

“I always admired my father, who actually retired as deputy commissioner of police, and more and more my dream to become a police officer grew stronger,” he further declared.

Another reason Grant’s desire of becoming a policeman grew more intense was the treatment residents there received from the police.

“I saw the way that police officers had interacted with persons in my community, and that caused me to become more passionate of becoming a police officer, because I want to make a difference in their lives, because I understood the background of those persons,” he continued.

“And so, when I graduated from high school, I moved into the environment of the health department. But I realized that it was not my dream, and so, I enlisted in the force in June of 1992. I was trained in Barbados, and from that point on, I got even more passionate for the job,” he added.

Through the years he progressed through the ranks, passing one test after another. However, he made it plain that it was not an easy feat, especially since the background of his upbringing was always in question.

“The force is not an easy place to go up through the ranks, you have to have the right mentality. If you just come in wanting a job, you are going to find it very difficult.

“If you want to really become a police officer, despite the obstacles, despite the struggles, you will make it through,” he advised.

In 2015, he was given the opportunity to undergo an executive course at the FBI Academy, having been a handful of candidates selected from the region and the first and only one from the TCI. His attendance there was also history-making because no TCI Flag was flown at the academy before.

“When I returned my horizons were even more broadened, and so, I was even more passionate to serve,” he revealed.

The FBI Executive Course was not an easy undertaking for him, but being a man of faith, believed it was the hand of the Almighty God that guided him through.

“I recall being at the academy and the pressure I felt knowing that I was the first Turks and Caicos Islander to attend the academy; knowing that I had to do well, and I did not want to bring any embarrassment to the organization, I pressed on.

“But I remember that there was one evening that we were given five assignments for the next day. I sat in the library, and I watched everyone finishing their assignments, as if they were breezing through, and I found it difficult, and I started to cry.

“I packed my bags, packed up my computers and said I am going home. But I heard the Holy Spirit saying to me, ‘sit down’! And I said, ‘you know, I am going home’. And it said, ‘sit down’!

“And I sat down, and the voice clearly said, ‘start typing’. Not know where to start, I opened my computer and started typing. I sat there for an hour typing. And then I heard the Holy Spirit saying to me, ‘Now read what you just typed’. I was amazed because that (which was typed) was not me. And on that day, I got an A+,” he further revealed.

He pointed that from that point on his faith became even stronger in God. He pointed out that under the tutelage of pastor for the Abundant Life Ministries International, Bishop C.A. Williams III, many prophesies were made over his life.

“I can recall may years ago, Bishop, at the time when the church was held at the Lodge Fellowship Hall, prophesied saying ‘You are going to be elevated. He prophesied then that I would reach the inspector rank. It was confirmed about a year later.

“And then he prophesied again and say, ‘You will be elevated again.’ And fast forward…while here at Abundant Life Ministries, he prophesied again saying, ‘You will be elevated to the rank of Commissioner.’

“I heard it and I believed God, but I kept working. I was not focused on rank. My goal is to serve the community…how I can make a difference in the community. That was what I kept focusing on…not the position.

“The opportunity came for me to sit in the interview process for assistant commissioner…I think this was in 2017. I went through that process, and I heard the Holy Spirit speaking to me then, but unfortunately, I was not able to make it that time. And it (Holy Spirit) confirmed to me that, ’You will be elevated’,” he noted.

But despite the failed attempt, he continued to serve not focusing on elevation. However, an opportunity came for him to sit in an interview for the Assistant Commissioner of Police spot, which he described as a tough process.

“I sat through that interview process, and heard myself speaking, but it was not me speaking. And so, having the opportunity to act as Commissioner of the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force is truly and humbling experience, because, again, for me, it is not about the rank, itself. It is about serving my country.

“But again, it is believing and trusting God. And now, being able to sit in the seat of the Commissioner of Police and to gain that experience, has nothing to do with me personally. It has to do with me serving my community and my country and serving God.

“I believe that God has prepared me for this job, and so I have a commitment to the Turks and Caicos Islands. And for the short time that I am here, I am going to serve to the best of my ability. For me, it is about making the force the best in the Caribbean and the world,” Grant Affirmed.

He concluded: “I believe that God has prepared me, and he is preparing me by allowing me to sit as acting commissioner of police at this time. It is a time of testing and preparation for me. And so, I believe this is only the beginning of what God has for me, and I am truly humbled for the experience, and looking forward to working with the communities in the Turks and Caicos Islands to make it a safe place, where people can come and feel relaxed, as how it used to be.”

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