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Grand Turk Dolphins Poise To Win Fortis U17 CoEd Football League

An encounter between the Grand Turk Dolphins (in blue) and the Provo Lions.

The Fortis Under 17 CoEd Football Competition comes to an end this Saturday, June 24, starting at 9am, and the Grand Turk Dolphins seem set to take this year’s title.

The Dolphins are on 20 points from nine games, following by the Provo Falcons, who are on 15 points from eight games. The Provo Lions are in third place on 14 points from eight games, the Provo Jaguars are in fourth place with 13 points from eight games, the South Caicos Mariners are in fifth place on seven points from eight games, while the North Caicos Seals are at the bottom of the table on three points from nine games.

The Falcons, with a game in hand, could vault themselves to 18 points, two shy of the Dolphins, when they open the day’s play against fellow Providenciales team – the Provo Jaguars, beginning at 9a.m.

However, the Dolphins, cognizant that it will be their last game of the competition, knowing also that a win could seal their lien on the title, will want to take no chances, even though they might be thinking that a win against the Seals in the 10 o’clock game is assured.

Based on the form that the Grand Turk team is in, it is expected that they will run roughshod over the North Caicos team, who have lost eight of their nine games.

However, the Provo Falcons, who will face the South Caicos Mariners in the 11 o’clock encounter, will be hoping for at least a draw in the Falcons/Seals face-off, to keep their title hope alive.

If the Dolphins defeat the Seals, they will take an unassailable 23-point lead in the competition. And so, even if the Falcons win their two games, they will only finish on 21 points.

In the meantime, the lions, who also have a game in hand, might be harboring that thought that they still have a slim title shot. They will face the Provo Jaguars in the penultimate and the South Caicos Mariners in the final game of the day at 12p.m. and 1:30p.m. respectively.

No doubt they are hoping to score seven clear goals in their two games, whilst trusting beyond trust that the two teams above them would lose their encounters.

If such improbably becomes a reality, the Lions will leapfrog the Falcons and tie with the Dolphins on 20 points, but with a superior goal difference.



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