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Health, Tourism Ministries Receive CARICOM Hospitality Health, Safety, Environmental Sanitation Stan

From left: Mr. Rajesh Ragoo, Ms. Renessa Williams, Deputy Permanent Secretary MHHS, Mr. Wesley Clerveaux, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Tourism and Ms. Jenna Indarsingh

.On Friday 10th February 2023, representatives from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Tourism received copies of the CARICOM Regional Hospitality Health, Safety and Environmental Sanitation Standards from Mr. Rajesh Ragoo and Ms. Jenna Indarsingh, technical officers from CARPHA (Caribbean Public Health Agency).

CARPHA’s Regional Tourism and Health Program (THP) has produced a core set of CARICOM approved seven credible Caribbean-wide Health, Safety and Environmental “clean and green” Standards, to improve health, safety, and environmental quality in the hospitality sector. These standards meet national, regional, and international requirements.

These standards were approved by CARICOM via the 53rd meeting of the Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED) and launched in October last year. The TCI launched its own Tourism and Health Programme in partnership with CARPHA and these standards will support this programme to ensure that evidence-based standards are implemented to ensure that health and safety are improved in the tourism sector which is so vital to the TCIs economy.

The adoption and implementation of these HSE (Health Safety and Environment) standards by the tourism industry will significantly reduce the adverse impact of HSE issues, which in turn would increase the contribution of the sector to the economic well-being of the region.

It will also allow for a harmonized approach in elevating the operational health safety and environmental quality in the hospitality sector. These standards also aim protect the region’s fragile environment and lead to a safer and better-quality environmental product and a standards-based destination, which increases the comparative advantage of Caribbean tourism.

The Ministry of Health and Ministry of Tourism would like to express their gratitude to CARPHA for their continued support in this area and look forward to continuing to strengthen our partnership to ensure that the TCI adopts standards which will continue improve the health, safety, and security of local and visitor populations.


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