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Home-Made Gun Found On Vessel With Undocumented Migrants

The police are reporting that a firearm was found on a vessel laden with undocumented migrants from the poverty-stricken Haiti, which landed on Ambergris Cay on Wednesday.

The police said the firearm was found amongst other items taken from the boat.

According to the police, the Ministry of Immigration and Border Services announced that a vessel with ‘irregular’ migrants, landed on Ambergris Cay.

“The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force is confirming today (Saturday) that an item, believed to be an adapted or homemade firearm, was found amongst the property recovered from the vessel along with some ammunition,” a news release from the police stated.

The police stated that ballistic testing was being done on the makeshift weapon whether it was capable of firing.

“This item is undergoing testing to establish its viability as a firearm and an investigation is being carried out to establish who was in possession of the item at the time the boat landed on Ambergris Cay,” the news release further stated.



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