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Junior Humanitarian to host Youth Empowerment/Mentorship Conference in South Caicos

In partnership with the East Bay Resort, South Caicos and the Departments of Youth Affairs and Culture, Junior Humanitarian for 2022, Arean Louis will host the first AOL Youth Empowerment and Mentorship Conference 2022.

Arean Louis, the of the AOL Youth Empowerment Conference.

The event is scheduled to take place from April 11 to April 16, at the Luxurious East Bay Resort, in South Caicos.

Louis, a native of South Caicos, has planned to provide the youth of South Caicos with valuable knowledge from a host of professionals from all aspects of public and private sectors.

"The main focus of this conference is to encourage youth development through exposure and to teach the benefits and importance of dream building, personal responsibility, positive self-image, responsible conduct, respect for themselves and others, educational achievement and cultural enrichment,” said in a news release.

According to Louis, to achieve such golds, committee members have crafted a plethora of workshops with mentors that are ready and fired up to meet the youth throughout the community of South Caicos, and to begin the process of empowering them.

He said the measures will include, but not limited to, etiquette training with Lady Delthia Misick; cultural enrichment with the Department of Cultur; youth empowerment with Mrs. Jasmine Thomas, STEM workshop with Mr. Lekensay Missick, founder of the Math Lab, ‘pretty careers’, grooming and mastering a skill in the beauty industry with Ms. Nakia Wilson.

Owner of East Bay Resort, South Caicos Mr. Micheal Tibbetts shared that: “East Bay Resort is delighted to be the host sponsor for the AOL Youth Conference 2022. By hosting the conference, we hope to provide a welcoming space for the teens to share ideas, learn new skills and develop leadership qualities. Investing in our local youth today will generate a better skilled workforce for the future and inspire the next generation of leaders.”

Director of Cultural, Ms. Ludwina Fulford stated: "It brings us great joy to partner with Mr. Arean Louis for this very powerful initiative. Whenever we have an opportunity to partner with different stakeholders within the community, particularly when it comes to providing positive activities for our youth to be engaged in, we count it a privilege.

“We must see our youth as our future leaders, our policy engineers and technocrats who will become trailblazers, and open new pathways for improving the quality of life for future generations. I wish to commend Mr. Louis and his team for the great work that they do and wish him every success in this and other projects that he undertakes.

“The Department of Youth Affairs is elated to be partnering with Mr. Arean Louis our former Youth Ambassador and his team. It is imperative that we give our youth the necessary tools to succeed in life.

“Empowering young people means to create and support enabling conditions that not only feed their drive and creativity but give them knowledge that guides them to act on their own behalf. Mr. Louis is a glaring example of empowering youth in our nation. He is showing young people what it means to advocate and empower our future generations."


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