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'Literacy Begins At Birth' Campaign Relaunches

From left: Dr. Stuart Ewing, President Youth Help Foundation; Midwife and RN Asha Haynes-Trumpet; MoH RN Savita Ramkellowan; and Chief of Clinical Services Mikette Been

Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital has announced the relaunch of the highly successful "Literacy Begins from Birth" also known as the "Lit from Birth" campaign, following a temporary hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Initially launched in 2017 by Mrs Yolande Robinson of the Learn andLead Education Center, the campaign aims to emphasize the importance of early reading for infants and provide valuable resources to new mothers. This initiative will resume with enhanced support and collaboration from The Youth Help Foundation and the United Way TCI.

The heart of the "Literacy Begins from Birth" campaign revolves around providing a copy of a baby's first reading book to all mothers who have given birth at the Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital. In addition to receiving the book, mothers will receive valuable guidance regarding the cognitive, emotional, and social benefits of early reading for their infants. By promoting the significance of early Literacy, the campaign strives to create a strong foundation for a child's lifelong learning and development.

As the campaign seeks to increase its impact and reach, TCI Hospital's Chief of Clinical Services, Mikette Been, expressed her support.

"We are delighted to relaunch the 'Literacy Begins from Birth' campaign. As a healthcare provider, we understand the critical link between early Literacy and a child's overall development.

“By collaborating with esteemed organizations like The Youth Help Foundation and the United Way TCI, we can combine our efforts and positively influence the lives of newborns and their families.

"The joint dedication to improving early childhood literacy will ensure that the benefits of reading are accessible to all families in the TCI community. By working together, these organizations will empower parents to embrace the joy of reading and fully recognize its lifelong benefits,” Been said.

Rex Messam, Vice Chairman of the United Way TCI, conveyed his enthusiasm for the initiative.

"United Way TCI is ramping up our Literacy Campaign, and this collaboration between us (Youth Help Foundation, Learn & Lead and TCI Hospital) is a testament of our commitment to improving our country's literacy rate.

"Lit from Birth" will make a powerful impact. We are here as a united force to help and happy to make a difference. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank our partners and look forward to more collaborations,” Messam said.

Equally passionate, Dr Stuart Ewing, President of The Youth Help Foundation, added: "We firmly believe in the power of reading to transform lives. Through our collaboration in the 'Literacy Begins from Birth' campaign, we will encourage a lifelong love for learning and provide children with valuable tools for a brighter future.

“Early Literacy plays a vital role in shaping a child's future, and we are determined to provide parents with the resources and knowledge they need to cultivate a love for reading from the very beginning.”

According to TCH Hospital, the relaunch of the "Literacy Begins from Birth" campaign signifies a collective commitment to children's early development and education in the Turks and Caicos Islands community.

“The Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital, The Youth Help Foundation, and The United Way TCI aim to inspire parents and caregivers to prioritize early reading, understanding its significant impact on a child's growth and overall success,” a news release from TCI Hospital said.



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