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PAL completes First Week Of Basketball Games, Softball Draft

The Police Action League (PAL) 2023 season officially started with the Basketball Draft Day on July 15 and the first weekend of Basketball games is now complete.

The upcoming weekend will be the first week of both softball and basketball games now that the Softball Draft is completed on July 22.

The softball teams are: Guardians – to be coached by Pastor Pedro Williams; SkyHawks – to be coached by Santana Rigby & Jodell Stubbs; Avengers – to be coached by Samuel Harvey & Ericka Carter; and Badgers – to be coached by Jermaine Fulford & Emily-Ann Stubbs.

For Basketball, there will be nine games weekly, three per age category 13 and Under, 15 and Under and 17 and Under.

For Softball, there are two games each Saturday, with one age category 17 and Under. The PAL Basketball 17 and Under games are one to watch as players like Dylan Morris and Isais Sejour keep the crowd animated and dominate with their dunking abilities.

Week 1 PAL Basketball Scores are as follows: 17 and Under - GAME 1: Avengers 26 – Seaquest 38. GAME 2: Badgers 27 - Skyhawks 39: GAME 3 Guardians 22 -Commanders 26. 15 Under: GAME 1 Guardians 35 – Commanders 44. GAME 2: Avengers 29 – Seaquest 22. GAME 3: Badgers 32 – Skyhawks 25; 13 and Under: GAME 1: Guardians 41 - Commanders 55. GAME 2: Avengers – 32 - Seaquest 41. GAME 3: Badgers 17 – Skyhawks 72.

Softball and Basketball Games Scheduled for the weekend:


Friday, 28 July 2023 - 5:30 PM Skyhawks v Commanders 17U; 6:30 PM Badgers v Avengers 17U.

Saturday, 29 July 2023

9:00 AM Sea Quest v Guardians 13U; 10:00 AM Skyhawks v Commanders 13U; 11:00 AM Badgers v Avengers 13U; 12:00 PM Sea Quest v Guardians 15U; 1:00 PM Skyhawks v Commanders 15U; 2:00 PM Badgers v Avengers 15U; 3:00 PM Sea Quest v Guardians 17U.


Saturday, 29 July 2023: 9:30 AM Avengers v Badgers 17U; 11:15 AM Guardians v Skyhawks 17U.

PAL is still running an open registration for both Basketball and Softball at the Gustarvus Lightbourne Sports Complex Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm. To complete registration, a Photo ID of the player is required, a $20 cash registration fee along with a parent-signed waiver.

Fans can find games on schedule at with tickets on sale at the door, $3 for adults and $1 for children. Each ticket gives access to all basketball and softball games on the schedule for the day.

For the latest news and updates on the Police Action League, fans can follow the league on Instagram (@policeactionleague) and Facebook (Police Action League). To share your experience with PAL, use the hashtag #PALeague.



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