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RTCIPF CPU Spearheads Schools Pedestrian Crossing/Speed Bump Construction

When school reopens in September, Clement Howell High and Oseta Jolly Primary School students will return to a safer environment after three pedestrian crossing/speed bumps were erected on Scholars Way Road.

This initiative was made possible through the collaborative efforts of The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force, The Public Works Department, The Road Safety Department in partnership with Island Drilling Limited.

Officers of the Community Policing Unit recognized the non-existence of speed bumps on the roadway in the front of both schools, which placed students at risk of moving traffic.

As a result, the Community Police Unit invited Island Drilling Limited to partner with them to erect the speed bumps.

With the support of The Public Works Department and The Road Safety Department, the speed bumps were quickly constructed.

Sergeant Kevin Clarke of the Community Policing Unit was elated at the collaborative effort.

"This is a prime example of community partnership. Island Drilling Limited did not hesitate to partner with us to ensure the safety of the children. We are grateful for their support and hope to collaborate with them in the future.

“The Government agencies will always remain key partners, and as usual, we are always delighted and appreciative for their assistance in this regard", said Clarke.

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