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Security Concerns Delay Start To Provo Premier League

The Provo Premier League, which was scheduled to start on October 15, has been postponed due to security concerns from clubs and players, according to Technical Director for the Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association (TCIFA) Dane Ritchie.

In an exclusive interview with NewslineTCI, outlining the plethora of regional and local football activities in which

the FA will be involved during October and November, Ritchie stated that security of players and officials is paramount, and so, based on the concerns, the decision was taken to postpone the start of the competition, to iron out security measures.

“Unfortunately, we had a meeting last night, where we had to postpone the start of the Provo Premier League, which would have started next week Saturday, the 15th of October. So, we postponed that based on things changing in terms of the whole crime situation in the country. We had concerns from the players and clubs regarding safety, so we have been forced to push that back,” Ritchie said.

He said divulged that mechanisms for security measures have already been discussed, giving no timeline as to when a decision would be taken have all the safety measures in place in time for the belated start of the much anticipated league.

“We just had a meeting last night regarding that, and having security is going to be part of what we now do on a consistent basis. So, we are still in discussion in terms as to how that would exactly be in place, but that is definitely something that we have to look at putting in place for those leagues," Ritchie pointed out.

In the meantime, other programmes of the TCIFA continue, such as its Grass Roots initiative, as well as the Inter-High School Football Competitions.


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