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Six TCI Hospital staff certified as manual handling trainers

The Training and Development Department of the Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital has facilitated a week-long train the trainer manual handling program in conjunction with Jan Crawford, Manual Handling Practitioner of Centaur, the United Kingdom, to develop an awareness of the risks associated with manual handling as well as provide insight on how to reduce the likelihood of injuries.

The programme covered theory and practical elements, including best-practice guidance on hoisting techniques, sit-to-stand technique, bed techniques, object handling, and instances when a detailed risk assessment is required. The departments represented included facilities management, information technology, human resources, physiotherapy, nursing, and physicians.

Commenting on the train the trainer certification, General Practitioner Dr Royelle Robinson said: "Prevention is always better than cure! Unfortunately, we tend to take for granted the support that our back provides and the immense weight that it carries as we move throughout our day.

“Becoming a manual handling trainer has placed me in a position to help my colleagues and patients prevent unnecessary injuries and provide appropriate care with patients/clients and objects. I'm happy to be a member of the team".

Vielka Fulford of the Facilities Management said she is excited to use her newly learnt skills both in the workplace and at home, "As a relatively new member of the team, I was honoured to participate. The course was very challenging, informative and thorough.

“For me, it outlined the vital link between our knowledge, our actions in the workplace to ensure safety for all, and our ability to safeguard ourselves from short- and long-term injury by following best practices".

Meanwhile, Physiotherapist Tarah Silvera explained that the course exceeded her expectations, "It was well structured, engaging and interactive that offered an environment to hone our skills to better train our staff compliment. Jan is an expert in her field and addressed our concerns no matter how small.

With our small dynamic group, we were also able to work on our team approach skills to provide the best care for our patients. Overall great experience".

Training and Development Manager Vernessa Forbes, while congratulating the team and acknowledging their hard work, said she is excited about the knowledge sharing to come: "The TCI Hospital cultivates a learning environment, and training and development remain a strategic priority.

In addition, our innovative talent management programs continue to strengthen our teams, ensuring high performance at all levels confidently delivering service excellence and people-centred care".

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