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TCI Has A Spiritual Problem, Says Pastor Stone

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

The Turks and Caicos does not have a government problem, it has a spiritual problem.

Pastor Andrew Stone

This assessment was made by pastor for the New Testament Church of God in Blue Hills, Andrew Stone, as he delivered the sermon at Solemn Assembly 2021 at Butterfield Square in Providenciales on Sunday, November 7.

"I have heard a lot of shouting. I have heard a lot of volume and waving of hands. What I have not seen very much of is weeping. We have just read the scriptures and we said this was a solemn assembly.

“Anyone with an ounce of discernment can sense that something is just not right in the Turks and Caicos Islands. When you look at the economy, it is booming, there is an upward trend, and you see home many buildings going up…it means money is here.

“And we should be thankful that this year the hurricane season hasn’t really troubled us at all. These things are good but still something is not right here in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

“That’s because the problem is not a government problem. It is not an economic problem…it’s a spiritual problem, because we have strayed from the thoughts of God. This is a fundamental problem that’s dividing families, dividing churches, and dividing the nation,” Stone assessed.

He chided those in attendance that if they were not at the event to affect change and repent, then the staging the event was useless.

“If we are not willing to change and let God have his way in this land, just cut off the light, pack-up the instruments and let’s go home, because I am not here for another good time Sunday Service. I need to hear from God to move in this land,” he charged.

Stone told the audience that he would not fear speaking the truth, and while a portion of what he said might not sit well with some in the gathering, he bore no apology.

“But if we keep saying nice things to each other, nothing ever changes. And it's time for something to change, it's time for us to be honest with ourselves and honest before God. So, if something I said offends you, you take that up with the Almighty God, don’t come looking for me,” he advised.

Section of the audience in a prayerful mood

He added: “And if it hurts you it means that you are one of the ones that God is speaking to. We are going to be faced with a choice tonight…we can continue going on pretending that everything is alright, and have church every Sunday, and Zoom services and prayer meetings and Bible studies, and we can go on as if everything is okay or we can turn to God in humility.

“We can turn to God in repentance, pleading on his grace and his mercy for the healing of our land. We should view this day as a funeral…it is not a day of rejoicing. This is a funeral because of some dead works that we have been doing to be buried. This is necessary if God is going to heal our land.

“This is not a political rally. This is gathering is not about the government per se, it is not about political parties. This gathering is about seeking the almighty God. We want our maker of heaven and earth to show us his favour, it is about getting back into the presence of the Almighty God.”

The said government should not be held accountable for what the country was experiencing, if anything, it should be the church leaders at whose feet the blame should squarely land.

“Something has gone wrong. We can’t blame the government; it is the church leaders where it begins. They might be responsible for the economic and political governmental leadership of this nation, but spiritual leaders are the ones that are supposed to be proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ, and if we have strayed, it is not the government’s fault.

“Today is a day of warning and hope; a day of potential blessing or cursing; a day of repentance - a return or a day of denial - or rejection of God. What will it be?” he rhetorically queried.



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