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TCIG Hosts National Cyber Risk Assessment Workshop

Participants of the National Cyber Risk Assessment Workshop

In a proactive approach to cyber security on a national level, the TCI Government, in collaboration with the UK Government, hosted a National Cyber Risk Assessment (NCRA) Workshop on Wednesday, 6th December 2023, at the Shore Club in Providenciales.

Acknowledging the ever-changing nature of the global cyber threat landscape, TCIG recognises the imperative of sector awareness to ensure that TCI keeps pace with advancements, ensuring the compatibility and protection of vital systems.

The objective of this workshop was to establish a foundation for understanding the current cyber risk environment in TCI and define the parameters for charting TCI’s national cyber security repositioning in line with future national aspirations.

Deputy Premier Hon. E. Jay Saunders

The Honourable Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance, E.J Saunders, delivered the Keynote address, assuring that the TCIG fully supports a national approach to cyber security. The Minister, whose responsibility includes TCI’s technology and innovation, added, “As the Turks and Caicos Islands continue to grow as a global hub for tourism (and finance in the future), the need for a robust, national cyber security strategic plan has never been more paramount.”

The workshop saw representation from various critical IT sectors, both government and private: Banking, Tourism, National Security & Emergency Services, Health, Utilities & Fuel, Telecommunications, Private Security and Transportation, and emphasised the need for a robust cyber community amongst all stakeholders, with continued engagement aimed at building the envisioned national cyber security posture.

This assessment is the first phase in a series of initiatives towards building a cyber-safe TCI.



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