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The Loren At Turtle Cove To Redefine Luxury In The TCI

Ground-breaking for construction of The Loren At Turtle Cove Resort Condos and Villas on Thursday. From Left Mark Sage of Olympic Construction; Hon. Jamell Robinson – Minister for Infrastructure; Governor Her Excellency Anya Williams; Premier Hon. Washington Misick; Walter Gardiner of Regency Christies International Real Estate; Tom McCosker, representative of the Loren Hotel; Tourism Minister Hon. Josephine Connolly; and The Loren Turtle Cove Development Partner, Arik Kislin.

The highly anticipated ground-breaking ceremony for The Loren at Turtle Cove, the third resort under the esteemed Loren brand, took place Thursday, June 15, marking a significant milestone for the renowned hotel chain.

Amidst an air of excitement and anticipation, guests and dignitaries, including Premier Hon. Washington Misick, Deputy Governor Her Excellency Any Williams, Minister of Tourism Hon. Josephine Connolly, Minister of Infrastructure Hon. Jamell Robinson, gathered at the picturesque site next to the beach, to witness the remarkable event.

Construction is set to commence immediately, and The Loren at Turtle Cove is expected to open its doors to guests in 2026.

The third resort by the Loren brand aims to set a new standard for luxury hospitality in the Turks and Caicos Islands, combining contemporary design with a deep appreciation for the natural surroundings.

The hotel's architectural plans incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly elements to ensure minimal environmental impact. With its striking blend of modern elegance and island charm, The Loren at Turtle Cove promises to be a sanctuary for the discerning traveler, seeking a serene and indulgent retreat.

The resort, which will open in 2026, and boasting six beachfront villas, 25 condominium units, and a 34-room resort hotel, will deliver breathtaking ocean views for its astute travelers.

In line with The Loren brand's commitment to fostering connections with the local community, The Loren at Turtle Cove pledges to create numerous employment opportunities for residents.

"We are thrilled to break ground on The Loren at Turtle Cove, our third resort under the Loren brand," said Tom McCosker, representative of the Loren Hotel, calling the ground-breaking a milestone.

He said the construction of The Loren would redefine luxury in the Caribbean.

The first Loren Hotel was constructed in Bermuda in 2017, and according to McCosker, the aim was to establish a boutique brand, and to offer the ultimate guest experience.

Saying that the model exceeded their expectation, McKosker pointed out that the aim was also to ensure that all its rooms were great rooms, with all being on the same level of zenith quality.

“We didn’t want to find any location to build on, we wanted to find the best location the destination has to offer. We didn’t want to maximize the number of villas and condos, we wanted to optimize the number for the property. And we didn't want to a restaurant to simply be an amenity of the hotel, we wanted it to be the heart and soul of the property and community,” he said, noting that that was the idea when they started out in Bermuda.

Governor Her Excellency Anya Williams, said the project does have history in the Turks and Caicos Islands, as a project for that site was reviewed in 2014.

“So, we are very pleased that May 2022, we re-approved a development agreement for this project, and that now we are actually seeing a shovel in the ground…because that’s what’s most important,” she said.

“ We look forward for this development coming to fruition to the investment that’s being made. From what we’ve seen, it is a beautiful property, we look forward to job opportunities that it is going to provide. And even more so, we look forward for persons being able to come to TCI, to enjoy our true natural beauty, as we continue to build brand Turks and Caicos,” the Deputy Governor added.

For his part, Premier Hon. Washington Misick said he was looking forward to the resort’s ribbon cutting.

“We hope at the opening we will be able to collect taxes,” the premier quipped. “So, it is critical that we get the job done.”

He said the Turks and Caicos Islands had a big problem, which is trying to contain all of the development interests targeted towards the country.

“We are about creating social synergy. My government wants to see triple bottom sustainability…the environment, the economy, and we must never forget that at the end of the day, it must be about people. It must be about the people who live here, it must be about the people who come here, and it ultimately must be about creating an inclusive environment where everyone could live in harmony. To the extent that that gets out of balance, because of greed or for any other surreptitious motive, it spoils it for all of us,” the premier warned.

Walter Gardiner Jr., whose real estate company Regency Christies International Real Estate is responsible for selling the property, dubbed the event a great day in the history of the Turks and Caicos.

“…Not because we are doing another ground-breaking of one of so many projects that happen in the Turks and Caicos. This project is very unique. A few of the unique things about this project that stood out to me, and I want to mention here today. First of all, it is a true low-density product,” Gardiner said, emphasizing that all of the rooms will face the water, whether to the beach or the marina.

He said The Loren at Turtle Cove could breathe more live into the local boating industry.

Gardiner also pointed out that The Loren brand is known for supporting local culture, instead of imposing a foreign culture where it plant it stakes.

“It is no better example of that than the fact that this brand chose two local companies to lead the charge for two important factors as it relates to development – and that is construction, which is headed by Olympic Construction and the real estate, which is headed by our company – Regency Christies International Real Estate.

“So, we thank the developers for their confidence in local expertise, and we are looking forward for them embracing other expertise as they develop this wonderful resort,” Gardiner said.

Development Partner Arik Kislin, who told the audience that he has been working in the TCI for the past 17 years, was proud to have watched Providenciales developed into what it is today.

“I feel very fortunate to become part of this community…it is truly a special place,” he said.

Kislin revealed that when he saw the property some 11 years again, immediately formed a vision for it.

“I have a vision to make sure that this piece of property, and the uniqueness of it would experience something of a six-star joy and a true full luxury experience, low density quality product,” he said.

He pointed out that in-keeping with the legacy of the former Third Turtle Resort that was raised in the mid-1960s the restaurant that would be built on the property would be called the Third Turtle Café.

Olympic Construction was represented at the event by Gwen Harvey.


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