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Abusive Haitian Babysitter Jailed

A 29-year old Kew Town babysitter Ocianie Tibeau was sentenced to one-year imprisonment when she appeared in court on Monday, March 6.

Tibeau, a Haitian national, pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful entry and two counts of child in need of care and protection. Tibeau was sentenced to serve FOUR MONTHS on each count.

The court heard that earlier this month, Tibeau was employed as a babysitter for a four-year-old female child.

The victim's mother, according to the evidence, observed that her daughter would seldom cry and cling to her when left in the care of Tibeau. The mother also observed her daughter appeared to be sickly and losing weight.

CCTV footage installed within the home was reviewed by the mother who witnessed Tibeau abusing the child by striking and shaking her based on the footage.

The mother immediately contacted the police and officers attached to the Safeguarding & Public Protection Unit (SPPU) commenced an investigation. Tibeau was subsequently arrested and charged.

Grantley Williams, Assistant Superintendent of Police Safeguarding & Public Protection Unit), in a statement following the conviction said: “It is unacceptable that someone was entrusted to provide care to an infant resorted to using physical violence against a defenseless child.

“Physical violence against anyone is reprehensible, especially when the victim is a child. I would like to commend the mother for immediately contacting the police and reporting the crime perpetrated against the child.

“In the same breath, I am advising parents and other caregivers of children and other vulnerable persons, to be very careful when employing unknown individuals to care for their loved ones. It may be appealing to hire an inexpensive/cheap helper who is undocumented and where the necessary background checks are not conducted. This, can end up being very costly, as you can expose your child or other loved one to harm, by employing undocumented persons. Additionally, you are also breaking employment and immigration laws.”

The SPPU strongly advises members of the community that if you suspect a child being abused or if there are allegations of abuse, to immediately notify any of the following options; make a report at the nearest police station, contact the Safeguarding and Public Protection Unit at 232- 6696, the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) -338-4013, Department of Social Development at 338-4008 or call 911.

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1 Yorum

11 Mar 2023

this is so heartbreaking mannn, she cyan b haitian we dont claim her. Wickedness at its finest bro, lord please heal the tramautized child 😩

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