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Beaches TCI Financial Controller Gives Thelma Lightbourne Teachers Get Financial Advice

TLPS Teachers are all ears during the presentation

Teachers at the Thelma Lightbourne Primary School in Providenciales recently received sound financial advice from Financial Controller of Beaches Turks and Caicos resort. Mary Ella Martin shared with the educators the science of monitoring daily spending for financial health.

 Martin provided simple and effective financial guidance on how to budget, save and invest. Said Martin, “as educators, increasing your income is a gradual process that requires effort, persistence and adaptability. It is important to set realistic goals, stay focused on your long-term vision and maintain a positive mindset throughout the journey. It is important that any additional sources of income do not interfere with your primary teaching responsibilities and are aligned with school policies and regulations.”

Mary Ella Martin - BTC FC makes a presentation

While emphasizing the need to have and maintain good financial health, the resort’s financial controller highlighted the benefits of creating a balance. Practicing smart spending habits will help as needs and wants are differentiated. “Create a budget and stick to it. This is essential for keeping track of your expenses and ensuring that you are spending within your means. Remember, managing expenses is about finding a balance between enjoying your life and being financially responsible,” Martin noted.

“By making saving a habit and giving it the same level of importance as your bills or other financial obligations, you can steadily grow your savings and achieve your financial goals. So while you save, remember to follow your budget. Be patient and remember that small adjustments can go a long way in improving your financial health,” Martin continued.

Martin also reminded the teachers of the value of investing. “Investing is a way to make your money grow over time. Understanding investment options and risk tolerance is important. Please note, the higher potential returns often come with higher risks, so find a balance that aligns with your long-term financial goals,” shared Martin.

TLPS Grade 4 teacher - Neranda Seecharan makes an address

According to the principal, Robin Cox-Foster, “financial literacy is something that every professional needs to have. The educators here at Thelma Lightbourne were given the tools needed to better manage their earnings, expenses, savings and investments. Mrs. Martin’s presentation was very practical and engaging. Useful money management techniques were shared and it is now up to each one of us to implement what we have learnt.”

Grade four teacher, Neranda Seecharan shared, “Mrs Martin’s presentation was eye opening for me and the very relevant information made me start looking at earning, saving, investing and even retirement in a different way.” 

Having shared with the team at the school about financial literacy, Martin noted, “financial health is about making informed financial choices that align with your personal circumstances and goals. It may require learning and adapting over time, but ultimately, it aims to ensure stability, security, and peace of mind in your financial life.”



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