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Beaches' TCI Xbox Games Room Trainer Tomiko Harvey An Excellent Leader

Tomiko Harvey enjoys a moment at one of his gaming station at the Beaches Turks and Caicos resort

Having fun while doing what some may consider work or a chore, at the Xbox 360® Station at Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort and Spa, is the most rewarding activity that could have been assigned to him.

Tomiko Harvey has been growing with the resort for more than 23 years in Kids Camp and within these years, the senior games room attendant has helped in guiding the staff within his department and the hundreds of young guests who have visited that area of the resort to have an amazing experience.

Tomiko Harvey (right) Senior Games Room Attendant at Beaches Turks and Caicos accepts an award from Kayanne Ajarie, Pirates Island Manager at the resort and one of his mentors.

While sharing his passion for his role at the resort, Tomiko revealed his love for bringing life to his workspace and ensuring that those who visit the area will leave refreshed and entertained. “I’m very happy for this role that I have here at the resort as I’m able to have fun with our guests while bringing a sense of fulfillment whenever they visit the Xbox 360® games room. As the team leader, my mission is to guide the other staff members to just enjoy their role and learn something new each day,” Harvey shared.

With the many fun activities offered at BTC for younger guests, being able to incorporate fun activities at the Xbox 360® games room for Harvey and his team offers a unique blend for visitors.

“The opportunity to learn new things especially about the development and regular updates that are readily available in the ‘gaming world’, the team must always be ready to get enrolled in the different courses being offered by the Sandals Corporate University (SCU). This educational channel provides for my teammates and me the opportunity to learn and explore new teaching and learning tools,” Harvey noted.

General Manager, James McAnally shared, “Tomiko is a genuine leader who has a winning personality. He is able to make our younger guests comfortable and feel at home in the Xbox games room. The fun activities that this resort offers help to cater to the needs of all our guests and for him and his team to make that area of enjoyment for our guests meaningful is good. He is always leading his team to learn more about the advancement in technology and be in sync with the latest gadgets and training from our partners, Xbox 360®.”

While highlighting the importance of receiving the most suitable environment for entertainment in the Xbox 360® lounge, Tomiko hails his division manager, Fedeline Julien as being a mentor and supporter in his professional growth.

Said Harvey: “The Kids Camp leaders Ms Fedeline Julien and Ms Kayanne Ajarie (Pirates Island Manager) always ensure that the team is motivated and equipped with the necessary tools to learn new skillset while ensuring that they provide fun and excitement for our guests.

“The leadership within the resort always provides that opportunity for each team member to grow and excel in the different areas within the industry. There are so many courses that each person can get certified with accredited institutions worldwide.”

Tomiko has completed courses in creative problem solving, interpersonal skills, ten soft skills you need, presentation skills, leadership and influence, supervising others and self-leadership. These courses he shared have helped him to produce the highest level of customer service needed in the technologically driven space.

Jean Nicolas, games room attendant added, “Having Tomiko as a team leader is fun. He’s always willing to challenge us to be better at our craft each day. Being here for more than five years with Tomiko has allowed me to develop my skills as a disc jockey with the entertainment unit as well.

This area in the hospitality industry has made me more marketable and creative in how I use my talents and this was only possible because of what Beaches Turks and Caicos has done for its team members.”

While sharing the need for persons with creative skills, gaming knowledge and willingness to learn to join the team at BTC, Tomiko was quick to point out that the hospitality industry has experienced a unique change.

“Here at BTC, if there are young professionals who have the dreams of growing as a professional with what we consider non-traditional skills for this industry, all I would say is come and experience what we have here and you will never leave. A career here at BTC allows each team member to be exposed to working within different regions and explore the various cultures with which we are affiliated,” Harvey noted.



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