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Budding Talent Abound In TCIFA Primary School League

The Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association (TCIFA) Inter-Primary School co-ed competition has unearthed a great deal of raw talent on both sides of the spectrum.

Parents, teachers, and other spectators who visit these games have been entertained by, at times, dazzling displays of developing football skills from the 12 and under players. NewslineTCI met-up with some of them after they ended their assignments last Friday at the national stadium, to get their reaction.

Dreya Smith, one of the females competing in the league represents Provo Primary.


Odyn Nielson scored a double in his team’s 2-1 win against Ianthe Pratt Primary on Friday. Odyn, who is one of the players to watch in this competition, is deft on the ball, and has an insatiable appetite for scoring goals. He deemed his game against Ianthe Pratt as being fantastic. He is working to ensure that his team goes all the way to championship honors.

Odyn Nielson, the point man for Provo Primary.


Dreya Smith, one of the females competing in the league, explains that playing against her male counterparts is not an easy task, but she is able to hold her own. The female defender could be seen breaking up tackles and robbing the ball from her opponents, to ensure that her team was not scored against.

Tyrese Pinder of Provo Christian School

“It was rough because I got pushed down a couple of times, But I am proud of myself for my job today on the field. I find playing in defense like, they depend on you, because if they (opponents) pass you they have a better chance of scoring. And also (playing in defense), you do not always have to go up to score, which makes it a little bit more peaceful,” she said.


Amir Sinclair of Richmond Hill Preparatory School loves playing in the league, describing it as competitive. Amir plays the midfield position, who he wants to be one of the best midfielders. He thanks the sponsors for giving the primary school children the opportunity to sharpen their skills through the league.

Amir Sinclair is midfielder for Richmond Hill Preparatory


Jamari Heath who plays the forward position for Richmond Hill is a very competitive player. As the captain, he dislikes when the defenders pass the ball back to the goalkeeper instead of sending it forward. He considers the league to be ultra-competitive but believes that his team stands a good chance of taking pole position at the end of the season.

Damari Wilson is part of Provo Christian's strik.eforce


Damari Wilson of Provo Christian Academy says he finds playing in the competition “very nice” and that “it is good for children”. He said the league challenges the budding footballers to get better at the game. He is confident that his side will be left as the team standing when the whistle is blown to signal the end of the competition. “I believe we will take first place,” he said.

Jamari Heath who plays the forward position for Richmond Hill


Tyrese Pinder, the Provo Christian Academy custodian says he enjoys playing between the sticks. In his game against Richmond Hill, he blocked a few shots destined for goal. Tyrese was equally confident with his teammate that Provo Christian Academy will take first place in competition.



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