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Cadet Corps Gifted With $40,000 Van By Premier’s Cup Golf Tournament

Mervin Cox (in blue shirt) presents the keys to the van to Major Nimrol Beckles (in yellow shirt) of the TCI Cadet Corps, while other members of the committee, other sponsors and members of the cadet Corps look on. Also witnessing the event is former Premier Hon. Sharlene Cartwright Robinson (third from Cox), Lorne Robinson of the Oasis at Grace Bay (third from Beckles) and Jasmine Thomas (immediately beside Robinson).

The Premier’s Golf Tournament has donated a van valued at $40,000 to the Turks and Caicos Islands Cadet Corps.

The handover ceremony took place on Tuesday, September 19, at the Downtown Ball Park in Providenciales.

Mervin Cox, Head of the Premier’s Cup Tournament, emphasized the event's commitment to sponsoring the cadets. Recognizing their need for proper transportation to various events, he said the tournament committee decided to gift them the van.

Major Nimrol Beckles, Head of the TCI Cadet Corps, expressed his joy at accepting the van on behalf of the organization and extended his gratitude to everyone involved.

“Sometimes training finishes late, and there are definitely concerns about the cadets’ safety in terms of getting them home. So, this would come in very handy in ensuring that we actually get things done,” Beckles said.

Beckles also acknowledged the efforts of former Premier Sharlene Cartwright Robinson, who facilitated the clearance of the van through customs and Camco Enterprises, which made a generous financial contribution to cover landing and clearing costs.

Lorne Robinson, General Manager for the Oasis at Grace Bay, a subsidiary company of Camco Enterprise, shared that Camco underwrote the landing cost for the van.

“We recognize that the youths are our future, and we are actually happy to assist. We are still available to offer any assistance to the cadet corps, and to any organization that attempts to help the youth in this country,” Robinson said.

Jasmine Thomas, Director for the Department of Youth Affairs, expressed her excitement about the partnership between the Premier’s Cup Tournament and the Department of Youth Affairs. She highlighted the financial burden of transporting cadets to different locations and mentioned the importance of ensuring their safety during late-night events and early morning travel.

The Premier’s Cup Gold Tournament donates to two entities whenever it is held. They are the Cadet Corps and the Duke of Edinburgh Programme, which is also a youth-oriented programme, which supports the Youth Department.

Thomas mentioned that the funds received from the Duke of Edinburgh programme would be used to purchase camp items such as tents and backpacks for the youth's adventurous journeys.

Edith Skippings, General Secretary for the Premier’s Cup Gold Tournament, revealed that this was the second time the tournament had donated a van to the Cadet Corps. The first van was donated during the Rufus Ewing Administration, while the latest donation came from proceeds generated during from the tournament during the previous administration led by Cartwright Robinson.

Skippings added that the Premier’s Cup had also donated more than $10,000 worth of music equipment to the cadet corps.

Meanwhile, Beckles mentioned that the cadet corps had nearly 200 members spread across the Turks and Caicos Islands.

He said this generous gift from the Premier’s Cup Tournament would undoubtedly enhance the mobility and safety of the cadets, enabling them to continue their valuable work in the community.

Cox and his team were appointed by Cartwright Robinson during her tenure. She served from 2016 until 2020. Each premier appoints their own Premier’s Cup Committee, as each committee serves at the premier’s pleasure. Despite the administration changing hands, the tenure of Cox and his team has been called.

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