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Champion Young Chef Praises BTC Culinary Team

Chef Trish share her expertise with this budding chef

Providing a training platform for potential career paths in the culinary field is one of the main aims for Beaches Turks and Caicos resort (BTC).

This was recently brought to the fore as the resort partnered with other stakeholders to help in the development of the Young Chefs of the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI). This group of teenagers from high schools throughout the TCI had the privilege of working with some the leading chefs at the resort in preparing them for the global leg of the Young Chefs competition.

Led by their chaperone, Dulcine Hall, from the Turks and Caicos Hospitality and Tourism Association (TCHTA), the group of teenagers were eager to get their practical experience from experts in the field.

Winner of the competition, Ashley Gardiner, fourth form student has her focus set on representing the TCI in track and field at the Olympics had the chance to work with Sous Chef Dwayne ‘Blacks’ Lyndsay in the main kitchen. Said Gardiner “while I was a student at the Long Bay High, my dream was always to know what happens in the kitchen at BTC. To be able to learn from Chef Blacks is like a dream come true. His teaching style and the confidence that he placed in me preparing hors d’oeuvres is remarkable. He is not only a good chef, but a great coach.”

Chef Blackz & Ashley

Another participant, fifth form student at the Clement Howell High, Peguysha Francois noted, “while being placed at one of the fruit stations, I had the chance to learn knife handling skills. Rita Smith was patient with me while explaining and demonstrating some of the things that I have seen in food and nutrition text books. The chefs were very patient with us. The best part for me was to be able to see what we helped to prepare on display at one of the private functions at the resort.”

While encouraging the young chefs to have fun during the learning experience, Executive Chef, Craig Nazareth shared, “being around these culinary leaders is good for your growth. Take this time to brainstorm and ask them as many questions as you can. If you decide to make this a career path, ensure that these leaders become your mentors. Have fun while you learn. With BTC having more than 20 dining options available, this is the perfect training ground for you to gain practical experience.”

Chef Rita shares with Peguysha Francois

Omarion Taylor, from Champions for Christ who was assigned to the pastry kitchen added that his experience has taught him to be disciplined. “Within the pastry area I had to be very precise in how to do the decorations. This for me was mental and physical discipline.

The teamwork and structure that I saw from the professionals showed why BTC is so successful in the hospitality field. It takes a lot of work to produce the number of pastry orders that are needed each day and to be a part of that team was a good experience.”

Third form student at Wesley Methodist High School, Jayanna Ferguson was in the middle of fruit carving when she was asked about her experience with her trainer Trishanna Rose. “This is exciting. I have seen fruit carvings before on display, but to be taught how to do this is great.

This is a wonderful experience for me and my peers as we were able to see the culinary experts at work throughout our time here. I was hoping to win this leg of the competition so that I could be selected as the Young Chef to represent my country on the international scene.”

In this leg of the competition the champion will be mentored by leaders within the industry and will then go on to represent the TCHTA on the international stage.

General Manager, James McAnally shared, “we are happy to partner with the TCHTA and the youth of the TCI in exposing them to these culinary experiences. At BTC, we believe in continuous training for all our staff. With these young chefs having the practical experience in working with experts in the field, we anticipate that they will enjoy this enough to want to explore options within this field.”



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