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Deception at its best by this 14-1 PNP Government

Dear Mr. Editor,

Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to express my disappointment once again in our duly Elected Government as they hide in their offices like cowards under their desk until election time and push H.E the Governor to do their dirty work and bidding when the people went to the polls and voted for them.

In a most recent issue of your newspaper H.E the Governor stated that she denied Fortis’s application for 6% rate increase. Under Sec. 32  (5) (a) and (b ) and Sec. 33, the word Governor comes into play. The application does go to the Governor because that person under our constitution is the Chair of our Cabinet, but it should and must be known that the Governor (H.E) doesn’t mean she made a unilateral or single-handed decision and denied Fortis’s application.

 No, that’s not the case. It means Governor in council; Which simply means that it goes to Cabinet, and Cabinet  which consist of all our elected Ministers make this decision. Mr. Editor it is a deceptive strategy by this government to deceive the people into believing that H. E the Governor made such a decision all by herself.

 If H.E the Governor can continue to make such unilateral decisions then we DO NOT need a Cabinet. The deceptive strategy used by this uncaring administration is appalling and speaks volumes as to how they view TCIslanders and the Electorate, as a naive and backward people.

 Mr. Editor we all know that this is an Election year and our government is playing politics with the lives of our people. Two (2) things are happening Mr. Editor,  (1) the government is shifting its responsibilities to the Governor so when Fortis have their way and get their 6% rate increase we can blame the Governor and not this lackluster 14-1 PNP Administration, (2) or delay the process until after the soon to be call Election and give Fortis their increase rate thereafter because they are looking for political donations at the expense of our people.

Why all of a sudden the Minister under whose responsibility, Public Utilities fall is removed from the process no-where  to be found nor on the scene and neither is the Hon. Premier Charles Washington Misick, Hon. Deputy Premier Jamel Robinson and other Cabinet Ministers. Are they ducking under the table or hiding behind the bush and not advocating for the people who elected them?

They are trying to mamaguy the people of this country in broad daylight. A trip down memory lane Mr. Editor. When the PDM Administration was confronted with this same ordeal, they stood and faced the music and led like the people elected them to do. Hon. Goldray Ewing and Hon. Sharlene Cartright-Robinson stood and faced the music and not ran away like cowards from the boogie man and left the people to fend for themselves.

The only way Fortis was able to get such an increase was, it had been given by the Courts, not the PDM and that’s on record. If I lie, let them back-talk me!!! In my view, H.E the Governor is being used as a pawn to carry out this 14-1 PNP Administration wishes while this 14-1 PNP Hon. Charles Washington Misick Government and his Ministers carry out the British Government’s agenda to stagnate the growth of TCIslanders and our country by extension.

In my view, if the Governor wants to get in TCI politics she should put her name on the dotted line, if not she should take the high road and stay out of our politics.

 Mr. Editor I must offer my (2) cents regarding the response by Fortis to persist with their application. Mr. Editor I’m not against Fortis because they’re providing a service and they have every right to advance their business plans and objectives, but our elected representatives must and should stand up and be effective and courageous in the fight for the people who elected them. I must say this 14-1 PNP Administration has left the people to be eaten by lions and wolves.

Mr. Editor the response from Fortis was that residential bills can anticipate an increase from 2-15 dollars in our electrical bills. I don’t know where those numbers came from, but the average household generates about 500-1000kw per month so that should give us a sneak peek.

Further, Mr. Editor Fortis TCI’s response did not point out what will be the approximate increase for commercial entities such as Hotels, IGA, Sunnys in GT and Providenciales, Quality Supermarkets, Do It Center, KB Homes, Business Solutions, Gas Station Pumps, TCI Water Company, Private Schools, Restaurants, Barber Shops,  Salons and the list goes on and on and on.

They are the heavy generators of electricity, which means that their overheads will increase,  and as Merchants who will absorb or take on this new cost? You and I the consumer and we will continue to live from paycheck to paycheck, taking from Peter to pay Paul or just simply go and get the kerosene lamps ready because we will have to stretch our few dollars to buy high priced, unhealthy foods for our tables to stop our families from going hungry.

Mr. Editor it is very bad for many families out there and this 14-1 PNP government simply DO NOT CARE!!! Where are our elected representatives from this 14-1 heartless and uncaring PNP government who had all the talk and noise telling (The People) you and I how they will stand up and represent us?

Hon. Charles Washington Misick, Hon. Jamel Robinson, Hon. Josephine Connolly, Hon. Rachel Taylor, Hon. Arlington Musgrove, Hon. Otis Morris, Hon. Kyle Knowles, Hon. Shaun Malcolm, Hon. Akeira Missick, Hon. Jay Stubbs, Hon. Randy Howell, Hon. Samuel Been, Hon. John Malcolm, you had a lot of noise during the campaign, The People need you to make noise now, today and stand up for them. Why is it you can’t be seen or heard now that The People need you?

 Mr. Editor their salaries are padded, they’re eating all the fat of the land so The People are not their priority at this time, but soon and very soon they will be showing up on The People door steps to ask for votes again. Don’t allow them to trick you with a few dollars and sell you and your children’s future away to the highest bidder.

Hon. Dwayne Taylor,




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