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Department of Correction And Rehabilitation Hosts Sports Day

Inmates display their domino skills.

The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Unit's newly formed Sports Committee hosted its first event in the form of a Games Day on Saturday 1st April 2023 under the theme “Rehabilitation Through Unification”.

The day saw inmates from different wings coming together and participating as a team along with officers. Members of the local community, who were invited also participated in various games which included Basketball, Soccer, Dominoes, Backgammon, Chess and Table Tennis.

This event was aimed to promote the prison’s low-level gang intervention and unity through participation in sports and games. The day’s activities progressed without incident and achieved its purpose of everyone taking part and contributing well.

Continuing with this type of low-level social intervention the institution said it would see reductions in the gang culture which can be prevalent in the prison and communities. Tackling gangs and violence, the institution said, would make the prison and our local communities safer.

It noted that helping prisoners address their offending behavior and preparing them to be productive members of our communities upon release is one of the key roles of the prison.

Inmates engage members of the community in a game of basketball.

The Prison Superintendent Michael Woodbine, said stated that the event was part the institution’s community engagement program.

“It is about more than just sports and games, it’s about the equality that sports and games accomplish, where we are all equals and competitors,” the prison superintendent said.

He added: The values of sport are ones we can all adopt in our day to day lives, teamwork, control, discipline, integrity, respect and enjoyment. Being part of a team is about understanding, listening to other people’s points of view, helping and encouraging, it’s about you taking personal responsibility and doing your best.

“Through showing control, being disciplined, having integrity and being respectful, you and your team will achieve the most you can, which is enjoyment.”



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