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Deputy Premier E. Jay Saunders Is ALMI Man Of The Year

Bishop Coleta Willams III, Pastor for ALMI, places a crown on the head of Finance Minister Hon. E. Jay Saunders, who the church named Man of the Year.

In a heart-warming ceremony at Abundant Life International (ALMI) Church on Father's Day, Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance, E. Jay Saunders, was recognized as the Church Man of the Year.

The esteemed title was bestowed upon him during the Sunday Service, where he received a sash and a crown befitting his remarkable contributions as a father.

During the Service, Founding Pastor for the Church, Bishop Coleta Williams III, outlined Saunder’s contribution to politics even though he made his foray into that arena a little over two years ago.

The ALMI Church, known for its dedication to celebrating fatherhood and nurturing strong family values, selected Deputy Premier Saunders for this prestigious honor. As an influential figure in both politics and the community, the church said Saunders has exemplified exceptional leadership and devotion to his family.

The three of Saunders' children who accompanied him to the event - Maya (left) Michael (centre) and Gabriel (right) make sure that they capture the moment on their cell phones.

The Man of the Year award ceremony was attended by ALMI Church members, as well as distinguished guests and Deputy Premier Saunders' loved ones. Among those present were his two sons and one of his two daughters, who joined in commemorating their father's achievements.

During the ceremony, Deputy Premier Saunders expressed his gratitude for the recognition, emphasizing the importance of family in his life and work. He highlighted the support and love he receives from his children, acknowledging their role in his personal and professional success.

Abundant Life International Church, under the leadership of Bishop Williams III, has a long-standing tradition of honoring exemplary fathers within and outside of its congregation. The annual Father of the Year award serves as a platform to acknowledge fathers who demonstrate outstanding commitment, compassion, and leadership within their families and communities.

The church pointed out that Deputy Premier Saunders' recognition as the Man of the Year not only celebrates his personal achievements but also underscores the significance of strong familial ties in building a prosperous and harmonious society.

Bishop Williams III (left) share lens with Deputy Premier Saunders and and his children.

As a prominent political figure, according to ALMI, Saunders continues to make significant contributions to the nation's governance and finance, pointing out that the acknowledgment solidifies his commitment to his family and his dedication to serving the community.

In response, Deputy Premier Saunders delivering a heartfelt thanks, encouraging fellow fathers to prioritize their roles within their families and extend love and support to their children. His words seemingly resonated with those in attendance, inspiring a renewed appreciation for the importance of fatherhood.

Guest preacher, Steve Cornwall, Head of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in the Turks and Caicos Islands, grounding his lesson from the book of 1 Samuel, told the congregation that bad sons and daughters could come from good parents, but those parents should be undaunted in ensuring their children are taught the principled way.

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