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“Enforcement of The Real Estate (Brokers &Salesmen) Licensing Ordinance 2004”

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) within the Ministry of Finance, Investment & Trade is advising the general public that the it has issued guidance, which is attached to this release, in regard to the Real Estate (Brokers & Salesmen) Licensing Ordinance 2004.

The IRD stated that the Ordinance came into force on 26th October, 2004, with the purpose to regulate and make provision for the licensing of Real Estate Brokers and Salesmen within the Turks & Caicos Islands.

The public is encouraged to refer to the guidance in regards to general queries and also the Real Estate (Brokers & Salesmen) Licensing Ordinance 2004 which is accessible at

Questions concerning this should be directed to the IRD. For more information, visit the Inland Revenue Department at or one of our offices in Grand Turk, Providenciales, or the District Commissioner’s Offices in the Family Islands.



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