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F Chambers Makes Law Reports Donation to Human Rights Commission

The Turks and Caicos Human Rights Commission on Thursday, January 20, received a donation of Human Rights Law reports for their library.

Attorney Mark Fulford of F Chambers law firm, makes a donation of law reports from the United Kingdom and the European Union to Sabrina Green, Director of the Turks and Caicos Islands Human Rights Commission.

The law reports were donated by award-winning Law Firm F Chambers Attorneys, as part of their eleven-year anniversary. The donation of books, which comprises of Human Rights Law Reports, UK case law and European Human Rights Law Reports will serve as an active case reference for the Human Rights Commission.

Commenting on the donation, Sabrina Green, Director of the Turks and Caicos Islands Human Rights Commission said: “We thank F Chambers for this generous donation, and we will put these reports to good use as a guide for us to refer to when necessary.”

Managing Partner Mark Fulford pointed out the reference books were to assist the commission in its daily work.

“The good work that Human Rights Commission continues to do in our society far too often goes unnoticed and in recognizing the valuable contribution that Commissioner Green and her staff at the Human Rights Commission continues to make in our country, we see this donation as a small token of appreciation,” Fulford said.



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