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Fitness Centre Opens on South Caicos

The Sports Commission officially installed a fitness center on the island of South Caicos, giving residents the opportunity to embark on various fitness routines and goals.

Member of Parliament for South Caicos, Hon. John Malcolm (second right) examines the various equipment in the newly opened fitness center in South Caicos

The facility was officially opened on Thursday, July 15th.

Member of Parliament for South Caicos Hon. John Malcolm, who attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony, applauded the initiative, calling it long overdue for the island, which he said is known for producing top-performing athletes.

"We have the fortitude as a people from South Caicos to do well with little. So, I am elated today that we are here to dedicate the opening of a gym facility because I know how beneficial this can be for Sports Development,” he said.

Malcolm declared that through such means athletes will be better able to prepare for competitive events, as the center would play an important part in their physical development.

“Athletes can be better trained and prepared to perform on the world stage. This investment is great. This investment is something that captures the vision for the future, that I believe will really take us to the next level in sports," Malcolm added.

He also pledged his commitment to advocating for funds to ensure the proper maintenance of the facility.

A section of the Fitness Centre

For his part, Jarrett Forbes, Director of Sports, credited Camiko Lewis, the Sports Commission’s Facility Manager for South Caicos, on his advocacy and drive in making the project a reality.

He said while the Commission was in the process of developing a Sports Performance Centre in Provo, Lewis lobbied that a facility be made available for South Caicos as well.

The center, which includes dumbbells, treadmills, ellipticals and other fitness equipment, is open to the South Caicos public for daily use.

For more information on how to access the facility, residents can contact Camiko Lewis



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