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Five Cays Remains Tense After Intense Shooting

The community of Five Cays remain tense after gunmen traded hails of bullets with each other on Wednesday, April 6.

Police reported that because of the exchange of gunfire, one man was shot, but was said to be recovering in hospital.

Residents have been posting on social media Thursday night that they heard what appeared to be explosions in the community, which they said sounded like gunfire. However, the police were yet to confirm such report.

On Wednesday, residents in the community were made to scurry for cover as two feuding groups hammered bullets at each other, in what some social media post by residents of that community described as ‘Ukraine’, alluding to the fight between the Ukraine and Russia.

A number of persons posted WhatsApp audio of what appeared to be rapid gunfire, warned members of the public to venture in Five Cays.

The report stated: “At around 1:15pm on Wednesday 6th April 2022 a Police Patrol in the Five Cays area reported to the Police Control Room that they heard shots being fired.

“Soon after, the Police patrol found a man who appeared to have suffered a gunshot wound. He was transported by the Police Patrol to hospital where he is receiving treatment.

“During this incident and again later during the evening it is believed that a number of shots have been fired within the Five Cays area and Officers from the RTCIPF are investigating the shooting of the man and the discharge of the firearms.”

It is rumored that the bullet-trading was as a result of a man who was gunned down in Kew Town a day before.

Police media release stated: “On Tuesday April 05, 2022, at about 3:05pm, Police Control Room received a report of a shooting on Walter Cox, Drive in Kew Town Providenciales. Officers from the Serious Crime Unit were dispatched to the scene where they found the body of a male, with what appeared to be gunshot wounds. The victim was later pronounced dead.”

The police, however, were yet to affix a nexus between the Kew Town Murder and the Five Cays incident.

In the meantime, the police are asking that a photograph of what appeared to be a body of a man that might have died from some mishap, that began circulating on Wednesday, was not from the Five Cays incident, and asked those promulgating the photo to desist.



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