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Former Finance Minster, House Speaker Found Guilty In SIPT Corruption Trial

The Turks and Caicos Islands witnessed a pivotal moment today as Chief Justice Her Ladyship Mabel Agyemang handed down her verdict in the landmark Special Investigation and Prosecution Team (SIPT) corruption trial.

Former Finance Minister Hon. Floyd Hall

The trial, which has garnered intense public attention, culminated in divergent outcomes for the four defendants, leaving spectators in suspense until the final moments.

In a decisive legal blow, Floyd Hall and Clayton Greene were both found guilty on charges related to conspiracy to defraud, bribery, and concealing or disguising the proceeds of criminal conduct. The charges stemmed from their involvement in three prominent projects that entailed land transfers between the Crown and the Turks and Caicos Islands Government at Water Cay, North West Point, and West Caicos.

Conversely, Jeffrey Hall and Melbourne Wilson were acquitted of all charges, a development that sparked celebrations among their supporters. The relief in the courtroom was palpable as the Chief Justice declared them innocent.

Hon. Clayton Greene, former Speaker of the House of Assembly.

This verdict marks a turning point in the ongoing battle against corruption in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The trial, which had held the nation's attention for more than 10 years, has left many contemplating the potential ramifications for future corruption cases within the country.

High-Profile Legal Teams

Each defendant was represented by a formidable legal team. Hall had the distinguished counsel of Earl Witter, KC, and Kayode Smith. Jeffrey Hall, who emerged unscathed, was defended by Ian Wilkinson, KC, alongside Kimone Tennant and Jamal Misick. Greene was represented by Richard Bendall and Kishanta Hall. Melbourne Wilson, who walked free, was defended by Alair Shepherd, KC, his son James Shepherd, and Ari Comert.

Chief Justice Her Hon. Mabel Agymang

On the prosecution side, King's Counsel Andrew Mitchell spearheaded the case, supported by Quinn Hawkins, Kate Duncan, and Enjaleek Dickenson from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.



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