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Friday Night Fatal Five Cays Gun Victim Was Targeted

Commissioner of police Trevor Botting is theorizing that the man shot and killed Saturday night in the community of five was targeted by his assailants.

The man, who the police have not official identified was discovered in a pool of blood after reports of multiple shots were reportedly heard by citizens of the community.

The latest murder upped the number of persons killed violent since the start of the year to 23. Another man was also shot in the community, whose condition the police listed as critical.

“The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force officers are investigating two shooting incidents which resulted in one man being killed and another hospitalised,” the information arm of the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force said Saturday.

The police said the murder took place minutes after 8p.m.

“Multiple calls were placed to the Police Control Room that gunshots were being heard in Five Cays in the area of School Hill. RTCIPF officers responded to this incident and found the lifeless body of a male, with gunshot wounds about the body,” the report continued.

“Additionally, officers are also investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting of a man, who at around 8.28 pm, was dropped off at the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre with gunshot wounds to the chest. The victim remains in a critical condition,” the police said.

Commissioner Botting, commenting on the two shootings stated: “We believe the man who was killed was targeted by a number of men who were armed and the circumstances of the shooting of the second man are not clear at this point. I deplore yet another attack on a young man, another life lost to gun crime. I am once again urging people who know anything about either attack to tell us or use CrimeStoppers to tell us what you know.

“If you have a family member of friend that is involved, do something that will save their life, get them to hand in their guns; do something now before they too are subject to an attack connected with their involvement in crime”

In the meantime, the police are asking the public to notify the closest police station or to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-8477 and give any information of illegal activity anonymously.



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