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Grace Bay Resorts Foundation Gifts ALGTHS 60 Computers

From left: Beverly Howell, General Manager for Point Grace; Christian Torres, Director of Food & Beverage at Grace Bay Club; Frank Castleton, Executive Chef at Grace Bay Club; Sheena Stubbs, Vice Principal for the ALGTHS; Kubhulshun Tyagi (behind student), General Manager of the Grace Bay Club; Sheba Wilson, Group Director of Human Resource for Grace Bay Resorts; Kendi Jones (back row), Human Resource Director for South Bank; Kordell Campbell-Forbes (back row),Principal the ALGTHS; Lindy Rigby (back row), General Manager for West Bay Club; Minster of Education Hon. Rachel Taylor (in green top); Almando Rigby (back row), Director of Rooms at the Rock House Resort; Beryl Charles, Director of Human Resource Head at West Bay Club; Franck Chantoiseau (partly hidden in back row), General Manager at Rock House; Joanna Fortunate, Director of Human Resource at Grace Bay Club; Celianise Brunell, Director of Human Resources at Rock House; and Atilla Cimsit, General Manager for South Bank.

The A. Louise Garland Thomas High School in Long Bay received a whopping 60 Lenovo Laptops computers, thanks to the generosity of the Grace Bay Resorts Foundation, which made the presentation on Monday (May 22) morning.

Principal for the school, Kordell Campbell-Forbes, said the well-needed computers would assist students sitting especially their external examinations. She described the receiving of the gadgets as a prayer being answered.

“I prayed for 60 laptops, and I received 60 laptops. I asked for 60 Lenova Laptops, and I received 60 Lenova Laptops,” Campbell-Forbes revealed.

Sheba Wilson, Group Director of Human Resources at the Grace Bay Resorts, said her organization became cognizant of the situation that the school needed computers to outfit its computer lab, to enhance information technology learning at the institution, and also to enable students to sit their online examination.

“In 2022, our organization had discussion surrounding what we wanted to be known for. We do a lot in our local community, and we are always willing when called upon to offer assistance. But we wanted to finetune what it is that we are known for as a foundation, and so we came up with two things – Youth and Education,” Wilson disclosed.

She added: “…Youth Development through sports, through all of the opportunities that we have in the local community to prepare young minds, the talent for the hospitality industry and career development. And also, to partner with the institutions and various agencies in government through sports development, because it is through sports that young people are able to learn about themselves, to harness skills that they may not know existed in them. So, these are the things we want to be known for.”

Minister of Education, Youth and Sport Hon. Rachel Taylor was in attendance. She lauded the Grace Bay Resorts Foundation for their full-bodied commitment to community development.

“…Not only in terms of financial donations or computers, but you would see at times where they actually allowed team members to come within their organization to visit, for example, the Turks and Caicos Islands Community College,” she said.

Taylor described as outstanding, Grace Bay Resorts Foundation’s involvement at the Turks and Caicos Islands Community College.

“Their input in the hospitality programme at the community college is outstanding,” she said, also expressing gratitude to the philanthropic arm of the Grace Bay Resorts, which she said saw it fit to disburse such energy into assisting government-run schools.

She pointed out that COVID-19 has forced educational institutions to teach online, and based on the consideration that not all student had a personal laptop computers, it became necessary for every student is outfitted with a computer.

“Everybody knows that because of COVID-19, we have to change our way of learning. So, therefore, in terms of our learning platform, it has changed. Our students have always been provided with opportunities to receive a free gadget, and that is in collaboration with our private sector.

“In terms of us executing our CXC Exams, we now move to the online platform. So, these computers will be quite beneficial to the students for their day-to-day learning as well as for their execution of their online exams,” Minister Taylor said.

The education minister also urged the students to take the best care of the devices, pointing out that some students show scant regard for the gadgets’ protection when they are donated to their schools.

“They get them today, and they break them tomorrow,” she said.

The main properties that make up the Grace Bay Resorts are flagship property – the Grace Bay Club, West Bay Club, Point Grace, the Rock House and the South Bank Resort.



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