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Highlights Of The Cynclair Musgrove Swansong Weekend Of Activities

District Commissioner and community activist Cynclair Musgrove, pulled the plug on public life with her Swansong weekend of activities last weekend in North Caicos.

The event kicked off on Saturday, March 18 with an early morning walkathon, followed by breakfast at Miss Bee's Restaurant. That day was wrapped up with an evening Fish Fry at Hollywood Park, Whitby.

The weekend of activities came to a close with an awards function on Sunday, March 19, at the Horse Stable Beach Complex with the theme: "Thanking you is all I want to do." That event was attended by a wide cross section of the community, including Governor Nigel Dakin and Opposition Hon. Edwin Astwood.

She also doled out many awards to individuals across the Turks and Caicos Islands community for their community activism.

The following are photo highlights of the event:

Photos provided by Cynclar Musgrove and Gertrude Saunders-Forbes



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