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Leo Lightbourne To Launch “Trailblazing Chats”

Leonardo 'Leo' Lightbourne

Radio host, content provider and community activist Leonardo “Leo” Lightbourne has another potential blockbuster media platform up his sleeve.

"Trailblazing Chats", which is to launch during the month of August is labeled by Lightbourne as an “open thought communication” series.

“A Trailblazer is a pioneer; an innovator; a lifelong learner; a mover and a shaker—a leader who leaves a path for others to follow,” Lightbourne said. “Most importantly, a person who builds a better world for others.”

Lightbourne stated that Trailblazing Chats explores the journey of the paths that trailblazers create, life lessons learned and the mark they want to leave in history.

“It is a series where Trailblazers discuss the trails they paved for future generations. Each episode features a special guest presenter,” Lightbourne noted.

The first episode is scheduled to air on Sunday, August 14th at 8pm on YouTube. Lightbourne said the public can stay tuned to the latest development of Trailblazing Chats by following Open Thought Communication on Instagram and Facebook - IG: @IamLTBourne.

The show will produce by Lightbourne and Nolan Smith, founders of Open Thought Communication.

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