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Local Author Rachel Gregoire Pens Third Book

Author Rachel Gregoire (right) poses with a fan at the book signing.

Renowned local author Rachel Gregoire is making waves by releasing her highly anticipated illustrated children’s book, which aims to teach youngsters about money.

The book, which is titled ‘Gracie and Aero’s Wallet’, is a financial literacy story that is told through the eyes of two enthusiastic kids and follows their exciting adventures as they work and learn clever budgeting and savings tips.

"I am so excited about this book as it touches on a topic, I am passionate about," Gregoire said. Gracie and Aero’s Wallet aim to help parents and guardians teach kids about money, budgeting, and savings while highlighting the importance of teaching these basic skills," she said.

Rachel Gregoire signs books for adoring fans at the ‘Gracie and Aero’s Wallet’ book signing.

Gregoire, who writes under the moniker Rachel Gregory and has already penned two bestselling books, said in a statement that her books are inspired by her passion and her deep desire to help others.

"My first children’s book, The Great, is focused on helping kids deal with grief and loss, while the second book, Cry or Boss Up, is an adult inspirational novel that provides a blueprint to help people navigate their hardships and to turn their adversities into a bold purpose," she added.

While these two first books are vastly different in genre, Gregoire returned to her roots for this third publication, and she is back to telling children's stories and teaching important life skills through illustrations.

Gracie and Aero’s Wallet will be the first of a three-book series for her and will focus on savings, entrepreneurial spirit, business, and investment. The story is told through the eyes of two spirited children, Gracie and Aero, who, with the encouragement of their parents, began their quest to save enough money each month to buy a telescope. On their journey, they learned the importance of hard work, budgeting, and how to make decisions about saving and purchasing.

Gregoire, who is a mother, a financial professional, and a hotelier, said that the book was a personal project for her, one that allowed her to use her background to educate youngsters about financial literacy. She said that it is her hope that families appreciate such literature, which will allow them to introduce the topic of money in their homes in the most kid-friendly and engaging way.

"There is a big disparity in our community when it comes to teaching financial literacy at an early age," she said. "My goal is not only to provide a fun and interactive avenue for children to learn about money but also to teach basic life fundamentals and to use that tool as a blueprint for creating good financial habits."

She gives credit to her long-time illustrator, Jack Foster, for encouraging her as the story gradually took shape and the characters came to life. When asked what her inspiration was behind the book, she said she wanted to tell a fun story with a purpose and also use it as a tool to teach her 4-year-old daughter.

In addition to the colorful illustrations, Gracie and Aero’s Wallet also features a fun and interactive budget chart and ideas for kids to earn money, which is included in the back of the book.

Gracie and Aero’s Wallet first made its debut at the Christmas fair held on December 17th, with an official book launch being held on April 22nd at the Grace Bay Market. Gregoire extends profound and special thanks to her sponsors: Grace Bay Market, Beaches TCI, Global Capital, Let’s Get Personalized, Cardinal Points International, Rent-an-Event, Bowtie, and Been’s Global LTD.

Gregoire also shared the book at Barnes and Noble Fort Lauderdale on April 15th, where she carried out a successful book signing and reading.

Gracie and Aero’s Wallet is now available on and, Unicorn Bookstore, or by contacting them via Instagram @rachelgregwrites_



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