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Local Philanthropist Blesses Maranatha Academy With Guitars To Boost Their Music Programme

Members of the MA Guitar Club pictured with Performing Arts Coordinator, Mrs. Jodian Scott-Banton, Principal, Mr. Richard Morgan (front – right) and donor, Mr. Gordon Kerr (back – right) (Students (l-r front row): Amelia Daniel, Medjara Doriscar, Maurisha Kolas, (l-r back row) Jennifer Guerrier, Chenieka Cheristin, Cherlande Jean, Rose Limprevil, Milleisha St. Jean

At the start of the 2023 summer term, Maranatha Academy added a beginner’s guitar course to their after-school clubs, thanks to the kind gesture of local lawyer and philanthropist Gordon Kerr.

The acquisition of the music instruments was initiated by the school's coordinator of the Performing Arts Club, Mrs. Jodian Scott-Banton, who reached out to Kerr, who is also a member of the popular performing duo ZGacoustics, as to whether he would consider giving lessons to the students.

Kerr and co-performer, Zelma Hernandez, readily picked up the offer and began mentoring the students in preparation for a fund-raising show at the school in February.

Scott-Banton disclosed that as soon after the club had started it became apparent that, while the students were eager to learn, their progress would be hampered because most of them did not own guitars on which to practice. She said Kerr enlisted the support of Caryn Scheidt from Aspen, Colorado, who generously agreed to help fund the purchase of entry level guitars for the students.

She added that Kerr later contacted his friend, Greg Savino, at Sweetwater Sound in Indiana, and asked if Sweetwater would help, saying that Savino agreed and offered to provide seven beautiful Yamaha entry level semi acoustic guitars at a sizeable discount, and even picked up half the shipping costs.

Scott-Banton said the guitars were delivered to the school and presented to the students on Friday, 26th May.

"The students, recognizing the investment that has been made in them, expressed their gratitude, and vowed to continue honing their guitar playing skills," Scott-Banton said.

Principal Richard Morgan, who has a passion for music, views the gesture as a step in the right direction of fulfilling his dream of having a school band.

in the meantime, Scott-Banton said the Maranatha Academy thanks Kerr for his sacrifices each week to teach guitar lessons.

"Thanks to all the donors who, through your donation now, may be creating the next Carlos Santana of the future," Scott-Banton said.



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