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Mega Popular ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Filmed in TCI

Season 2 of Netflix’s wildly popular reality game show ‘Too Hot to Handle’ was secretly filmed in the Turks and Caicos Islands, it was recently revealed.

The premise of the show is for singles from all over the world to meet in a traditional dating ‘Love-Island-esque’ setting. However, upon arrival they discover a twist – a celibacy challenge. To win the complete $100,000 grand prize, they are required to give up physical intimacy for the duration of filming - from heavy petting to sex. Every time the contestants get ‘frisky’ in any way, the grand prize decreases by a certain value based on the acts they engage in.

According to Variety, as the show’s first season was globally popular in 2020, Netflix reportedly kept the potential contestants in the dark, casting for the show as ‘Parties in Paradise’ instead of using the show’s real name, ‘right up to when the cameras were rolling'.

Netflix’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos called the first season of ‘Too Hot to Handle’ its ‘biggest competition show ever’.

Star of another wildly popular Netflix show, ‘Selling Sunset’, spoke of the Villa where the ‘Too Hot to Handle’ cast filmed. The cast stayed at Turtle Tail Villa for an entire month. It contains five bedrooms, a movie theatre, tennis court and an in-house private chef, all complemented by the TCI’s pristine beaches.

Season 1 of the reality series was filmed in Punta Mita, Mexico and hit the streaming service in April of 2020. It became the number 1 show on Netflix during the week of April 20 of last year.

The second season of the reality series returns to Netflix on June 23, 2021. The season will be released in two batches – the first four episodes on June 23 and the remaining six on June 30.



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