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National Trust Investigates Dead Iguanas

In the wake of dead iguanas being discovered on Halfmoon Bay and Little Water Cay, the National Trust has opened an investigation into the native reptiles’ death.

The National Trust has issued a news release of its action. The following is the release:

The Turks and Caicos Islands National Trust (TCNT) is aware of the demise of native Iguanas on Half Moon Bay and the adjacent Little Water Cay. An investigation is currently underway in collaboration with the Department of Environment and Coastal Resources (DECR) and Conservation Partner Agencies.

The TCNT, DECR, and Conservation Partner Agencies would firstly like to thank the general public for their interest and concern. Secondly, we would like to remind the public that per Regulation 3(1)(c) of the National Parks Ordinance (Ordinance 11 of 1975), the following is prohibited within all national parks: "The destruction of or damage or injury to any plant or animal." Feeding the herbivorous iguanas, which is now becoming a more popular tourist activity, is prohibited.

Our endemic iguanas are suffering from the negative consequences of irresponsible actions, and we urge visitors, tour operators and citizens to please help conserve our already-imperiled iguana population.

Hon. Josephine Connolly, Minister with responsibility for the Environment supports the call of the National Trust for visitors and citizens to cease feeding the Iguanas and observe all the caution given when on tours, Minister Connolly reiterated.

‘We need the help and cooperation of everyone in safeguarding our heritage including our iguana population”

Further information will be provided at the conclusion of the investigation.



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