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North American family shares love for Beaches Turks and Caicos

Mark Zagurski and family at the BTC

Celebrating their tenth family visit to a resort that they have come to call home Nebraska natives, Mark and Stacie Zagurski along with daughter Alyssa and son Kyson were happy to be back at Beaches Turks and Caicos (BTC).

Having spent more than 150 nights at various Beaches and Sandals Resorts, the couple, who started their relationship with the resort chain in 2005 on the recommendation of friends they met at the Sandals South Coast in Jamaica have unofficially adopted the BTC as their home away from home.

Always on the receiving end of exceptional services, the Zagurski’s have singled out the dynamic vacation amenities, the highly trained staff and the culinary experiences of the resort as being the reasons for them consistently returning.

“Beaches Turks and Caicos is the most unique place to enjoy your vacation. Whether you are seeking to enjoy the beach, the turquoise water, the water park or you want to relax and enjoy the many tasty culinary delights, this resort provides all these options. The staff here are simply amazing as they greet you by name and have you feeling like family. There are not shy on teaching you the local culture and the country’s historical facts,” shared Stacie Zagurski.

Mark was keen to also mention how much his family appreciate the warmth of each team member's personality.

“Each day we set out to learn the names of new staff we meet and connect with the ones we have been interacting with over the years as we always see them as family. These people are just incredibly polite and warm in their interaction. They make you feel as if you are their only guests each time,” Mark shared.

Guest Experience Manager at BTC, Patricia Smith weighed in on the joys of interacting with the couple.

“The Zagurski’s are the most amiable people you could meet. They know a lot of the staff here by name and the teams from entertainment, food and beverage and the Kids Camp top the list for them. They’ve told us they look forward to sharing friends and family members the wonderful experiences they have had here at the BTC.”

While sharing the many reasons for their stay being comfortable, the Zagurski’s made mention of the smooth communication flow displayed by the resort’s management team.

"They are an amazing family," said Richie James, assistant loyalty and travel manager. "Their dedication to the Sandals and Beaches brand is exceptional, and with each visit, they are more pleased with the service. They've already rebooked their next trip to Beaches Turks and Caicos.”



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