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Operation Pursuit Reaping Much Success

The RTCIPF has been issuing flyers warning the motoring public of their responsibilities.

The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force (RTCIPF), the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), the Customs Department, and Border Force officers, which formed ‘Operation Pursuit’, are reaping much success from recent road and airport operations on Providenciales, Monday, June 12 and Saturday, June 10.

The operations were conducted to foster compliance of the law. The operation on Monday saw the authorities checking for vehicle identification and tint shade.

Of the 186 traffic stops made, 38 traffic tickets were issued, of which 18 were for using motor vehicle without proper identification plates. Sixteen tickets were issued for unlicensed motor vehicles and one ticket was issued for failure to comply with a traffic sign.

Additionally, three tickets were issued for tinting of windows and windscreen, while three persons were warned of intended prosecution for driving a motor vehicle without a license. Seven persons were warned of intended prosecution for driving a motor vehicle without insurance, while 10 vehicles were towed.

Also arising from the operation, five persons were detained for Immigration Purposes.

Operatiion on June 10

In the operation on June 10, the Operation Pursuit team conducted operations at the Providenciales International Airport. Random checks and searches were held on passengers traveling from Haiti and Canada.

Arising from the operation, 15 males were detained for Immigration purposes; 61 pieces of luggage belonging to passengers were searched, among which Cannabis-infused candy was seized by Customs and a passenger fined under the Customs Ordinance.

A Vehicle Check-point was set up and resulted in one tint removal, one person warned of intended prosecution for unlicensed driving and no Insurance, while one vehicle was towed.

Operation Pursuit involves a Multi-Agency operational framework, designed to locate, identify, and process persons engaging in all forms of illegal activities within the TCI. These operations entail a collaborative effort from all essential partners at the re-established Turks Caicos Islands Joint Law Enforcement Group (J-LEG).

In the meantime, the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force is reminding motorists that vehicle windows must have the following minimum levels of visible light transmittance: Front windscreen - Above 50 percent; each front window, driver and passenger side windows -above 50 percent; rear windows and windscreen - above 30 percent.

If one’s vehicle’s tint does not meet these requirements, then under the Road Traffic Ordinance a traffic violation has been committed, and the offender must pay $250 per window.



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