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Parents Threaten Legal Action Over Non-Consensual Vaccination Of 11 Y.O.

The parents of an 11-year-old female student are weighing their legal options after the public school she attends administered vaccines on her without their knowledge or approval.

The parents who have gone public with the matter, said they paid little regard to the apology that the school offered them, as they were still livid from the consideration that invasive steps were taken during the process of administering the vaccines on their child.

The parents said the school informed them that the vaccines, including for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), was administered on their child to prepare her to enter public secondary school. However, the parents said they previously informed the school that it was not their intention to have her go to public high school, saying that they wanted to her join her elder sibling at a private school.

The mother of the child told the media that she only found out that her daughter was injected after she picked her up from school, and she began favouring her arm.

She said the Ministry of Health personnel who administered the vaccines, also took urine samples and blood samples from her. Those measures she said, were far too intimate and invasive for her 11-year-old to undergo without her consent.

“They gave her a full medical. They took urine, blood samples. Now, everybody is backtracking because they allowed this to happen without my consent,” she vented.

She said also that the form that was filled out on behalf of the child before the vaccines were administered was meant for the child’s parents. However, she said the form was filled out by one of the public health nurses. She pointed to a section on the form for the parent’s signature to be affixed…that part was left blank, she said.

“To compound the problem, the parent said she went to the hospital to retrieve a copy of the medical chart, to find out what vaccines the child was given, but was told that consent would have to be given before a copy could be released to her.

“They did not ask me for consent before they injected my child, now they are telling me that consent would have to be given before I could get a copy of the chart to know what vaccines they gave to my child. That is wrong,” she asserted.

“They had me up and down to the hospital, to the school, because I asked them for the paperwork that was done,” she said. “So finally, this morning (Wednesday, March 2) they gave me a form that the public health nurses filled out themselves…questions that were for me to answer, because there was no way they could get this information from my child.”

She added: “And even a part of the form says, ‘does your child have…’, which clearly states that it is for a parent… and none of them signed it, it is there.

“They filled out that they vaccinated her, that they gave her a booster shot and HPV vaccine. Nobody signed the form, and suddenly they can’t find her immunization card that was supposed to be on file in the (school’s) office.”

She pointed out that when her older daughter was about to enter high school, a similar form was sent to her, and explanation was given as to why the child should take the vaccines.

However, she said the results from her research on the vaccine caused her to refuse to allow her daughter to take it. And as such, she was livid that such vaccine was administered to her younger daughter.

The incensed mother said because of what she deemed a violation of her child’s body, she would be taking legal counsel.



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