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PDM Accuses PNP Government Of Shying Away From Issues Of The Day

Opposition Leader Hon. Edwin Astwood.

The opposition Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM) is accusing the Washington Misick-led government of not addressing issues critical to the wellbeing of Turks and Caicos Islanders.

In a recent news release penned by Opposition Leader Hon. Edwin Astwood, under the heading "Silence is Deafening", the PDM pointed that the government has continue to fail to address both internal and external matters that are bound to impact the lives of the local people.

The following is the statement from the opposition leader:

Have you ever noticed that the biggest stories or events never get a comment from this PNP Government? All the events and occurrences that are impacting our everyday lives are never mentioned or considered by them. They pay no attention to it if it is not something they think could be parlayed into votes or gain.

Two weeks ago, Sunday morning, a young man was killed in Five Cays, and not a single comment, a few days ago we all saw the video of the incident on the street in Grace Bay, and still nothing, illegal boats continue to come and not a single comment and persons die from deteriorated medical conditions, and not a single word on addressing our healthcare issues, crimes taking place and not reported to the general public. This is unacceptable by any standard.

On Monday, March 21, 2023, news broke of the UK passport Office workers being on strike for and announced 5 weeks. Staff at the passport office demand a 10% pay raise and Job Security. The Strikes will affect 7 Passport offices across the UK.

The strike call came after a failure to resolve 6 months of targeted action from unions. Strikes could delay the passport processing of 10 million applications expected this year. The reforms could cause the UK government almost 3 billion dollars. The UK government calls the demands unaffordable.

How does that affect people who are trying to renew or get their passports? Does this government know what is happening, do they care? It appears not to both.

They continue to be quiet and hide in their offices, only showing their face when at some celebration or at some formal event, and only want to speak when they think that they are passing good news. But where are the PNP Government in the bad times, where are they when our people are facing difficulties, where are they when our people are hurting and need an intervention from the government?

They thought that they would be able to continue to just through (sic) a few dollars at the problem and they would go away. This is a perfect Illustration of the saying “Give them a fish, and feed them for a day”. This is this PNP Government modus operandi, this is their usual way of doing things- never solve any problem, throughout some pennies, keep them dependent on our PNP Government.

Let me be clear, A PDM Government, will not only give you the fish, but would also ensure that our people have access to getting the boats, the crew, the equipment, and the knowledge to fish for themselves, and after no one will have to give you a fish ever again, instead you will now to give out fish to those who may become in need.

This is my PDM way.

Additionally, as it relates to the strikes at the UK passport offices, the PDM is seeking to make submissions for The UK government to have a passport office set up here in the Turks and Caicos, and their other Overseas Tertiaries. They can have personnel from their head office oversee the operations but also have our people working along with them.



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