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Police arrested 14-year-old alleged Gunman

A 14-year-old gunman caught at the National Stadium on Providenciales on Saturday, October 1, during the Inter-High School Football Competition, was granted bail on Sunday.

The police reported: “On Saturday at around 11:30am the National Stadium, Venetian Road Providenciales, during a youth sporting event activity, RTCIPF officers arrested a 14-year-old who was in possession of firearms ammunition.

“The ammunition was detected initially by security officers who alerted the Police Officers on duty at the event. Following his arrest, the youth was granted bail today, Sunday 02nd October,2022). This matter remains under active investigation.”

Commissioner of Police Trevor Botting said “Whilst the circumstances of the possession of the ammunition by this 14-year-old boy is being investigated, this is a very worrying situation, and the TCI communities should be alarmed and concerned.

“Whilst not referring to this matter directly, we need to protect our young people from harm and protect them from getting involved in crime, drugs and firearms. Criminals are actively seeking to target young men, moreso boys, to draw them into gangs and criminality.

“I am urging parents and friends to be extra vigilant and have important conversations with their children. Now is the time for strong role models to ensure we guide and protect our young people.”



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