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Hit and Run Accident

On Saturday 18th December 2021 around 7:33 pm, Police and Emergency Personnel responded to a report of a hit and road accident that occurred along the Millennium Highway where a male was struck by a Silver Toyota Car License Plate unknown vehicle that fled the scene.

Upon arrival, officers met a male lying on the road with injuries to the head. The male was taken to the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre where he is currently receiving medical attention.

Police are seeking public assistance from anyone who witnessed the incident to contact Grace Bay Police Station or the Traffic Department on the matter.

Male shot in the leg

On Sunday 19th December 2021 around 3:54 pm, Officers responded to the report of a shooting in the area of Miracle Close, Blue Hills, after a report was that a male was shot.

Upon arrival at the scene, the 33-year-old male informed officers that he was shot in the leg by an unknown male during a verbal altercation. He was taken to the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre for treatment. Investigations are ongoing.

Robbery in Parking Lot

Also on Sunday 19th, December 2021 around 9:53 pm, a 38-year-old male of Providenciales, contacted 911 and reported that while in the parking lot of a business establishment he was approached by two masked men armed with cutlass and demanded his wallet and Cellular Phones. No one was injured during the incident.

Anyone with information or knowledge of any of these incidents can call Crimestoppers anonymously at 1-800-8477 (TIPS) or call 911.



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