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Police Seek Assistance In Fatal Crash

The ill-fated car seen partially wrapped around the advertising pole

A pall of gloom now hangs over the public service, especially the immigration department, as the life of one of their most promising members died from an auto accident on Sunday evening on Providenciales.

Reports are that the car in which she was the sole occupant collided with an advertising pole as she approached the roundabout in the vicinity of FirstCaribbean Bank. The police said they actually stumbled upon the scene.

“A woman has died following a collision which happened on Sunday March 6, 2022. At about 9:32pm, a Police patrol came across the crash on the Leeward Highway, near toCaribbean Place.

“It is believed only one vehicle, containing only the driver, was involved it had collided with an advertising pole. Fire and medical emergency responders attended the scene. The driver was later pronounced dead at the scene by a medical doctor,” the police report said.

Online, persons have been posting her photos, while wishing expressing condolences to the family.

Eyewitnesses to the rescue attempt said Fire and Rescue had to cut her from the wreckage, as she was pinned by the mangled car, which appeared to be partially wrapped around the pole.

The police said enquiries were ongoing into the circumstances that led to the collision. As a result, they are appealing to anyone who might have seen anything to contact authorities, as it could assist them in their investigation.



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