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Premier Attended UKOTA Pre Joint Ministerial Council Meeting

The Premier and Minister for Finance, Investment and Trade, Honourable Charles Washington Misick attended the annual United Kingdom Overseas Territories Association (UKOTA) Pre-Joint Ministerial Council (Pre JMC) Meeting which was hosted virtually by the UKOTA President of Political Council, Premier of Bermuda the Honourable David Burt, on Thursday, 27 May 2021.

All Overseas Territories (OT) Leaders made representation at the conference to discuss and agree on pertinent matters and the format of the annual Joint Ministerial Conference.

During the meeting, Overseas Territories (OT) Leaders discussed a number of topics including:

  • OT/ UK Relationship post EU Exit 

  • Environment 

  • Ocean Management 

  • Crisis and Disaster Management 

  • Border Security 

  • Financial Services 

  • Post COVID economic recovery and resilience

The Premier shared with OT heads of government and delegates, TCI’s successes in the management of COVID19 and highlighted the country’s positive vaccination rate. The council heard also updates from the Premier on the impact of the pandemic on the TCI’s tourism industry, the TCI Citizen Relief Stimulus and the careful management of the country’s finances during the COVID-19 pandemic period, Premier Misick stated: “We were fortunate to have entered the pandemic in a strong financial position with a BBB+ credit rating and I am pleased to report that we will maintain that standard going forward.”

Amendments to the Turks and Caicos Islands Constitution were also highlighted as a priority matter to be discussed at the upcoming Joint Ministerial Council Meeting at the end of the year.

OT Leaders all expressed a united stance on all issues raised. At the end of the meeting, agreed priority agenda items was collated in a letter which will be submitted to the Minister for the Commonwealth at the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, Lord Ahmad ahead of the Joint Ministerial Conference 2021.

The Premier was joined by Executive Director for the Office of the Premier, Ronlee James and United Kingdom Representatives from the TCI Government London Office, Tracy Knight and Kimo Tynes.

The Pre JMC was launched as an initiative of the United Kingdom Overseas Territory Association (UKOTA). UKOTA was established to promote the interests of Overseas Territories and the co-operation between them. Specifically, UKOTA demonstrates the collective and individual partnerships between the territories and the United Kingdom Government.



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