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PWLTT Mourns President Charles King Passing.

Charles King, Founding President of the PWLTT

Non-profit organization - People Who Love The Truth – is the mourning the passing of its founding president Charles King, who died suddenly last week.

The following is the statement regarding King’s death:

My brothers and sisters, connected by blood and love of the Turks and Caicos Islands, our hearts ache as we are shaken by the untimely and sudden passing of our noble leader of People Who Love the Truth, your friend and Son of the Soil, Mr. Charles King.

All the Turks and Caicos Islands grieve his passing. We have lost a great man, an authentic patriot. Our hearts are breaking, some in silent disbelief, others in shock and trauma of losing a treasure that cannot be replaced.

To the friends, supporters, and family of "People Who Love the Truth," we now stand together in the commitment to continue to pursue the dream of Sir Charles King, a goal of liberation for The Turks and Caicos Islands.

Charles King's vision for our country, our people, our families, our children, and future generations of Turks Islanders was economic progress and economic empowerment.

His aim was too free and construct our beloved country into a place where every Turks and Caicos Islander could have and possess every opportunity as first-class citizen in their birthplace. Charles King saw us as business owners

and operators, owners of banks, insurance firms, finance corporations, and the movers and shakers of our economic growth panorama. The vision of Charles King was etched in a movement toward self-determination and holistic development for our dear people.

That was his dream, and we, the Executive Team of People Who Love the Truth, solemnly swear and strike a Covenant with God and the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands to remain steadfast in achieving the dream and vision of Charles King.

We are mobilizing our strategies, and you will be hearing from us in many different arenas in enhancing and agitating the development of these islands and cays for our People.



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