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Rubis Launches Major $9k Summer Promotion

Katrina Basden Rubis 1st weekly winner.

Rubis Turks & Caicos Limited launched its first summer promotion following the introduction of its Rubis Ultra Tec fuels to the public mid-February. The summer promotion, Rubis Ultra Summer Giveaway promises to excite new and loyal customers!

Motorists who purchase $25 or more in fuel at any Rubis service station in Providenciales or Rubis Fulford in Grand Turk will have the opportunity to win over $9,000 in prizes. Rubis Sales Executive, Zaneta Burton asserts motorists can choose from seven Rubis service stations with gasoline or diesel to easily participate and win!

“We want residents to experience Rubis Ultra Tec fuels, premium fuel formulated for optimum performance and more miles for the dollar,” a news release from the fuel company stated.

The Grand Prizes for this giveaway are 6 months’, 4 months’, and 2 months’ supply of free fuel. Additionally, customers can win amazing weekly prizes valued at $500 that include grocery gift cards and travel vouchers.

To enter, customers must take a photo of their Rubis fuel receipt and upload the photo by scanning the QR Code, visit our website at or visit Rubis Turks & Caicos Facebook page. The promotion ends September 11th, 2023.



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