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Samuel Knowles Retires From Beaches Turks and Caicos After 24 Years

Updated: Feb 23

Beaches Turks and Caicos Managing Director James McAnally (left) pauses for the camera lens as he shares a light moment with retired Supervisor in the Stewarding department Samuel Knowles at the recently held retirement party at the resort

After 24 years of dedicated service to Beaches Turks and Caicos resort, veteran steward supervisor for more than 20 years, Samuel Maxwell Knowles has traded in his tools for retirement.

Having joined the organisation in October of 1998, Samuel, who relocated with his family from

the Bahamas to Providenciales, began his career in hospitality in the staff cafeteria as a chef.

At his retirement party held in one of the conference rooms at the resort, Samuel was showered

with accolades for his leadership and commitment to his family, one common thread in all the

congratulatory remarks was his unwavering belief in training and mentorship.

Stewarding Manager Carlton Biggs shared: “Samuel helped to transform the department into

one of the leading areas for training on resort. Throughout his tenure as a leader, he

consistently motivated his team to complete courses offered by the Sandals Corporate

University (SCU). We are more equipped now as a team because of what Samuel has done.”

Managing Director James McAnally noted, “working with Samuel over the years, I have always

appreciated how calm and composed he is amidst the many challenges. He has always been

the voice of reason for his team. One of his greatest strengths is working with the SCU to guide them into acquiring training and certification in their respective fields.”

Samuel Knowles (centre) retired supervisor in the Stewarding department has the full attention of Dionne Lawson (left) Assistant Manager in the Stewarding department and Carlton Biggs, Manager Stewarding department as he brought them down memory lane at his recently held retirement party at the resort

“I have had many opportunities to interact with Mr Knowles and one of my most appreciative

period is the way how he took ownership of his respective areas and had genuine care for a job well done. Also, whenever we would speak, we would always speak of family and often times he would share a good word of faith. He had great respect from those he led as well as his peers. He will certainly be missed and I’m happy that he will be spending some well-deserved time with his family,” McAnally shared.

Samuel Knowles (right) retired Supervisor in the Stewarding department at Beaches Turks and Caicos was able to have his wife of 38 years, Judymae Knowles smiling as they share a moment at the recently held retirement party for him at the resort

 While this veteran leader was showered with accolades through the many presentations,

Samuel sat wearing a broad smile next to his wife of 38 years, Judymae Knowles, shared how

satisfied he was with what he had heard.

“I am satisfied with the influence that I have been able to create during my time here. Being able to experience this level of growth professionally has shown others that once you can dream it and you have an organisation that believes in you and your development, nothing is impossible. I have the utmost respect for the leaders that I have worked with who have helped me to be the best professional that I could be.”

“Being a firm believer in continuous learning, Samuel noted the value of consistently seeking

career growth. “When I first thought about becoming a leader within this industry, I prioritized

completing the different courses that the SCU offered for the team. Courses like Supervisory

Management, Train The Trainer, Leadership and Hospitality Trainer were a few of my


Judymae Knowles, while reflecting on her husband’s career shared, “for 24 years I have been

married to the team at Beaches Turks and Caicos. They have been my family since the moment my husband joined and this is something I am thankful for.”



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